Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 4: 79 days and counting

It seemed to be the general consensus that my old crappy sneakers are not optimal for running.  No doubt... But then my friend Angela posts this:

"Go to a running store and have them tell you if you are a neutral runner or if you over or under pronate. " 

OMG...  What!? There's a whole new language I have to learn... over / under pronate!!?  Yo no habla sneaker!  WAY intimidating.  Thank God for google.  Which I will do later and figure out what a pronate is and if I should be "over it."  ;)

In the meantime, I did buy some sneakers today.  I bought the best of the cheapest ones.   I found ones I like that my husband wouldn't kill me for buying on day four...  They are Champion Running Sneakers from Payless and with a 15% coupon I found on-line today, I paid under $25 bucks for them.  Uh, less than the socks cost!  HA!  Hey times are tight - I do promise that I will save some money - get myself to one of these serious running specialists and "speak" sneakerese and get some great ones for the race.  I know that for a 13 mile marathon - the Payless kicks probably won't cut it.

Today I got to do a little more running.  I have to say I was nervous - Ran for 25 minutes today (alternating between running for 2 and walking for 1 minute.)  I really found a good groove and the Champion sneakers lived up to their name - no blisters today.  I actually even ran a little more than the "25 minutes" I was supposed to because there were times where I was really getting into it and didn't want to walk yet!  Wow.  WHO DAT?  Dat usually not me... but now it is! :D

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