Wednesday, February 10, 2010

80 days away

Lucky for me today was a "rest day" since it's snowing and still snowing and there was no going for a run or even getting to a gym.  I was already trying to figure out what piece of furniture I could run around for 30 minutes if need be but nope.  Rest day.

I forgot in my quest for a 1/2 marathon that I have crappy feet.  Like even when I was a teenager.  If I'm walking around the mall for ten minutes, they start to hurt and I tend to get blisters.  My toes rub together when I run (two days of twenty minutes of "light running" = 3 blisters.  Awesome.

I ordered "special" running socks that I found on line, they are supposed to "go the distance" for marathon and long distance runners.  They have individual toes cut out and some kind of fancy light weight, keep your foot cool, fabric technology - and the individual toe things are supposed to prevent blisters.

So I paid more for two pairs of socks then I usually pay for a pair of shoes and hopefully they'll get here next week.

Hmmm.  Socks.  Well this blog couldn't be more exciting today... hopefully I'll have something amusing/inspirational or informative tomorrow.

Here's a pic of my new sock - ordered in pink! :)  the upside if this running thing doesn't work out, they'll work well with flip flops!  (yuck... just kidding!)
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