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5 ways to move that caboose when you're feeling stuck at the station

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After a few years of losing weight / maintaining weight loss and finally having developed a healthy and active lifestyle there is at least one truth that cannot be argued - to truly be healthy we have to move it and keep moving it.

Oh trust me, prior to finding this unlikely love and passion for running I fought that concept every step of the way. I faithfully counted my Weight Watcher points, I worked at eating cleaner and leaner but still grumbled, kicked and screamed when it came to real fitness. 

This is probably why it took me more than 2 years to lose my first 40 pounds (and then after finding running) less than a year to lose 50+.

Now-a-days, exercise is a healthy habit that I have grown to love and appreciate but even with this appreciation comes many a lazy day where it seems like I can find any crappy excuse in the world to procrastinate or skip a run.

So here are a few things that keep me moving my caboose when all I want to do is stay at the station: (and blog hop, Facebook obsess, watch another Real Housewives episode or whatever…) 

  1. ONE MILE. or rep, or sit-up or jumping jack. Whatever it is, sometimes you've got to fake it 'til ya make it. If I truly don't feel like running that five mile run I will put on my sneakers and tell myself to just run for one mile or just for 10 minutes. Sometimes I'll force myself to sit on the exercise bike, "for just 5 minutes" or do "just one set" of bicep curls.  First off, even if it's all you do, at least it's something - mentally and physically it is better than nothing, second, you have indeed "moved your caboose" and third - there's a very good chance that the momentum will build for you to do much more than the "only" that got you moving to begin with! You know how I feel, this is not the first time I've talked about doing whatever you can. I still believe in leaving "no mile behind."
  2. POWER UP. Do you have a favorite work out song or two? Good. Fire them up! Blast it, remember the best sweat you ever had to that song, close your eyes and imagine those endorphins flooding your body. Likewise if you have a favorite running quote, blog post or inspirational passage.  People watch romantic movies (you know what I mean) to get in the mood for love so why not call upon images, music or words that will get you in the mood to move? Tap a foot, sing along and "get a good feeling," go for "the eye of the tiger," or remind yourself why you were "born to run" and get out there!
  3. RACES. Keeping a race on the schedule is super motivating for me. I have to be working for something or some goal or it gets too easy to become complacent. The temptation to skip too many workouts is lessened when I know that I have my cold hard cash invested in a race and an expectation on myself to perform well.
  4. DIAL A FRIEND.  Find one accountability buddy or cheerleader. Someone who'll gently (or not so gently) kick ya in the caboose when you need a little shove out the door. And even better if that person will get out there with you. Many times I have been lagging, and with a little help from my friends, got back out there and on track. In fact, some of the best workouts I've had in my life was courtesy of friendly 'peer pressure' from my friends - like the intense Cardio Barre and Boot Camp classes that my friend Angela forced me encouraged me to do!
  5. NEW STUFF.  Now don't break the bank but I will say that when I need a little extra pep in my step and have a little extra money to burn that buying something new does wonders for my motivation. Whether it's a new gadget, pair of socks or cute new tech tee - there's something about something new that gives me that extra little boost to get going when the going is tough.
having a goal helps! couldn't wait to get this sticker on
my bumper!
On a side note, if you are really struggling to get going you might have to do a little digging. Have you been pushing yourself too hard and legitimately need a rest day? Are you burning yourself out with doing the same work out every day at too high of an intensity? Don't be afraid to try other activities.  Sometimes you do just need a break. That's OK too, as long as your break doesn't turn into a break-up, it's all good.

So what do you do to keep that caboose moving? 

What are some of your tips for keeping in the game?

Do you have a favorite song that psyches you up for running or working out? 


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