Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Belly aching', more on the long run and Ragnar Race 2013

water stations would be great on a long run!
From the beginning of my running times, I've always gone thru this struggle with long runs. I have dedicated many of a blog post lamenting about trying to get them in, finding the time and even trying to rally myself into loving them with posts like this one

Someday (especially if I ever plan to run another full marathon again) I hope to make peace with the long run. 

Lately I've been particularly beating myself up for getting in less long runs than I would like. I have two half marathons on the calendar this spring and while I don't have to be clocking regular 13, 16, or 20 mile runs - I do like to keep those long runs around 8-11 miles to keep tuned up…  

Finally I did get an 8 miler in yesterday and it was a pretty good run. Hopefully, I'll get a 10 miler in before the Hollywood Half.

Ironically, with this on my mind a lot lately, Runner's World sent me this article from Amby Burfoot this morning in their E-zine: "What’s the Best Long-Run Training Distance for Half-Marathon Runners?"

The article questioned how long half-ers really need to run in order to be 13.1 ready. 

Burfoot suggests that seasoned runners (I guess with 6 races of 13.1 or more under my belt, I could be considered somewhat seasoned) Probably only need to keep a long run of about 7 miles or so.  Even less seasoned runners could conceivably get away with this but newer runners may desire the confidence of knowing they can come closer to the distance. (This was super important to me. Still is in a lot of ways.)

Burfoot says: 
"Bottom line: If you are an inexperienced half-marathoner, you can never go wrong by building your total slow miles run per week, especially your long-run distance. But it’s not nearly so important in the half as in the marathon. What’s more, if you’re relatively experienced or fast, you’ll get more bang per workout by increasing your speed than by increasing your distance."
What do you think? I am still going to want to chase that long run but this article gives me a bit of comfort.

In other news, I've been having tons of tummy troubles. I've always had a sensitive stomach. I'm going to the doctor today because lately I've had a stomach ache more days than I don't. I always feel like I'm walking around with a mild case of stomach flu. That can't be good. I am thinking I might actually have a wheat sensitivity that I've been in denial about. But we'll see. Hopefully I can get some answers and remedy the issue.

And finally…

As you might know I'm running the Key West Ragnar Race in January 2012 - there are too many cool things to tell you about with this race but all in good time.

Our team is the "Ragnar Losers" and all of us have lost a significant amount of weight thru lifestyle change - with large thanks to running.

Here is our team:
Rik (our team captain)
Katie (from 'Runs for Cookies', duh)
Mary from 'a small loss'
Linda from 'Frickin Fabulous at 40'
Allison (no blog, but she's lost weight and taken up running)
ME! (from 'From FAT to Finish Line')
Andrea (who was on Oprah for her weight loss)
Jen S (from 'Miles, Muscles, and Mommyhood')
Lealah (from 'Lealah on a Mission')
John (SparkPeople success story manager, and success story himself)
Ada (from 'The Biggest Loser' Season 10)

Yes! Ada from Biggest Loser is on our team! I reached out to her and invited her to join us and she said yes! How cool is that!?

Anyway, have you a good weight loss journey to share? Love to run? Want to run from Miami to the Florida Keys with us this January? Here is your shot.  Visit Katie's blog post here and find out how you can be a part of the team!

Questions of the day:
Love or hate long runs? 
What do you think about topping half training at around 7 miles?
Have you ever run a relay race like Ragnar?

Have a great day!


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