Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring fling - moving fast

The months are passing fast! I kept kinda waiting and bracing myself for winter but it never really came.

An unusually mild and snow-free winter has ushered in a beauteous, joyous, early spring. Lucky for us, that damn groundhog was wrong this year.

Today, I decided that I would take advantage of this:

almost 80 in March!
And headed to the park to do a little running.

I don't really know my pace when I run outside because I use the NIKE+ app in my iPhone and that thing is strapped around my arm. The Nike guy mumbles in my ear when I reach a mile but I never quite catch what he says about 'current pace' or time.

I set Mr. Nike app for 4 miles and I'm off.

The first two miles felt effortless. Ah. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming. I love this time of year. I'm cruising. 

I love a tree in bloom

The last two miles felt hot and hard and I felt like I was running slower. Only 76? It could've been 96 degrees with how hot I was feeling. I was bummed that my first two miles were going to be faster on paper (why this would bum me out in the first place, I do not know?) But resigned myself to that fact. Oh well. Just a training run. I am not running to PR a race here.

The last mile felt particularly tough. I felt like a slug.  I was kind of mad that I was 'dragging ass' so much.   At least that's how it felt. When I got home to look up on the Nike website to see what happened out there, I was prepared to see me go from 10:30 averages to 11:30 averages but got this instead:


Ah. So the reason why I felt like it was so hard for the last mile was because I was running, oh, 35 seconds faster or so than the first mile. Well. Guess that would do it. I only felt slow, the fact that I was sweating my ass off and panting should've given me a hint but I am clueless. 

I was probably running faster than I should've given, I'm still trying to get used to the heat and the effort was tough. Also breaking a 10 min. mile (aside from 5K races and speed training miles) is a push for me. I would consider my comfort range between 10:30 - 11:00.  I think. Not so sure anymore.

By the way, aside from wanting to die that last mile, I really expected to run this in around 42-43 mins and ran it in under 40 that makes me a special kind of happy.  It was even worth looking like a crazy person:

I am a hot mess here… notice the lovely
difference in the color of my face and neck.
By the way, dear friends, you know I really love you (and have no shame) for posting this picture of me… However, I did look better (barely) than the poor water bottle I gripped during that four mile run!

at least I remembered to hydrate this time
I'm thinking that this run is a good argument for investing in a Garmin or that Nike watch thing that is like a Garmin. I mean, I'm glad that my splits are pretty good here but I have a hard time knowing my pacing when I'm not on the treadmill. I didn't have to feel like I was dying these last two miles if I had properly had an eye on pacing myself. I think. Though, on the other hand maybe having an eye on the time and pace would cause me to overanalyze everything. I don't know.

Do you have a pace plan when you run?

Do you think it's better to just run without worry of pace?

Do you have a Garmin type device? Do you love it? Has it changed your running life?


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