Monday, March 26, 2012

A new way of eating

Well after watching the documentary "Hungry For Change" I really did decide to work on changing my ways.

You can read the blog entry about Hungry For Change, here, in case you missed it.

Today was day one (well day 1 1/2 - I kind of started mid-day yesterday) of my newer/cleaner way of eating.

I had been eating relatively clean up until seeing the movie, so it hasn't been that big of a leap. Went to the store and replaced a lot of our stuff with organic versions. Stocked up on produce and organic eggs, hormone free chicken, etc. It was hard for me. I am a coupon queen and a budget shopper. So I had to 'suck up' the fact that the normal eggs were $2 less and the hormone/natural, grass-fed beef was $3 more for the package. (We are worth it, we are worth it, we are worth it.)  I threw out my yellow-packet sweetener, got rid of the 'spray' fake butter, and decided that I'll be aiming to put only good things with identifiable words into my body most of the time.

I also decided to do a little experiment and cut out most gluten the last few days (I'm not being over-the-top with that but got rid of the biggest gluten offenders.)

Last week I went to the doctors for tests because I have a stomach ache every day of my life. Hmmm, no gluten the last 3 days, no stomach ache. Wouldn't be surprised to learn that I do have a little intolerance.

So here's my day. I have to say that I got in triple the vegetable I usually do and I feel pretty awesome.


1 egg over easy, 1 small sweet potato, left-over fresh green beans, 1tsp. of EVOO, cup of coffee with splash of almond/coconut milk (I know that this is a weird breakfast but I needed a carb-y thing and have cut out my whole grain toast because of the gluten thing.) The green beans? eh, why not?
food photography not my forte

1/2 cup of 0% fat greek yogurt / frozen blueberries

6 raw, unsalted almonds (more than six pictured because six looked so lonely on the plate.)

Spring salad mix/sliced strawberries/a few grapes/fresh cilantro/fresh parsley/half cucumber and a few raw/unsalted sunflower seeds. balsamic vinegar + 1 tsp. of EVOO and a small piece of skinless chicken.

juice ingredients
Green juice: 2 carrots/2 celery stalks/a few grapes/handful of spinach/cilantro/parsley/cucumber/little piece of ginger

Laura's lean beef hamburger patty, (another) sweet potato, broccoli 1tsp. of EVOO, tomatoes


Lots of food, a few tsps. of healthy olive oil, a few almonds for some more healthy fats and tons of produce. My beverage of choice is always water.

It's not that hard, you just have to have all the stuff around. I am hoping to keep it up!

Have you made any dietary changes lately?


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