Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm gonna be on the TODAY show!

Hello peeps --

The weather is glorious in Jersey. I don't know if it's global warming or what but I am loving it.

So much going on.

First thing is first - I am going to be on TODAY show on Friday so set your DVRs! I'll be on the Kathy Lee and Hoda hour (It starts at 10AM here on the East Coast.)

My friend Amy is a celebrity fashion stylist. Amongst all the cool people she styles and all the awesome things she does, she styles all the talent for the Olympics (yes she goes to every Olympics! Lucky!) and she was invited on the show to do a segment about "looking great at any weight."  My look was for the girl who has lost weight but is still stuck in a rut…

It was a blast!

First a car and driver picked me up - FANCY!

This is how we roll
Then as I arrived I got whisked right off to get my hair and makeup done.  They made my normally curly hair, pulled in a pony tail - straight and bouncy.

In the greenroom after the segment
And as if that's not fun enough - Vinny from the Jersey Shore was getting his makeup 'did' right next to me for his segment! I should've said hi. I dropped the ball on that one. Deena was there too. No Snooks.

Jersey Shore greenroom - I should've gotten a pic with them!

settled on taking a picture of them from back stage monitor

Then we got dressed and did our segment. It was surreal and fun. :)

Now I have pretty hair and makeup and am a little sad that I need to go running in a bit and mess it all up. Sigh.

I don't talk in my segment, I just stand there and "model." haha…

I've been in TV for a long time but this was still a cool experience. I watch the Today Show almost every morning so it was neat to get to be a part of it for this little segment!

PS: Also dropped the ball by not making the time to talk to Hoda and Kathy Lee - love those ladies!

Now, I gotta run.  I have a half on April 6 and I haven't run more than 3 miles in weeks. OY!


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