Wednesday, March 7, 2012

No TWO miles left behind: running short

my recent little jaunts
A few months ago I wrote this post called, "No Mile Left Behind." Basically, I made the argument that every mile counts so if you can't get in your long run (or your short run) there's no need to abandon the run altogether because anything is better than nothing.

How quickly we forget our own rantings. I even have it up in the bar up there… Still. Do I read my own posts? Nope.

I have been beating myself up because the last few weeks I've been not getting in the miles I've wanted 3 miles here, 2 miles there - a good day maybe 4, it's been since February since I've gotten 6 or more.

There's a litany of good reasons and bad excuses why this has happened and I won't bore you with the details… but the good news is, I've kept running.

So while I feel guilty about these mini-runs there are still some good things about these little runs:

  • Mental break:  A two mile run is fun. It's now (puffs out chest proudly) under twenty minutes for me. I don't have to 'psyche myself up' to run 2 miles like I do for, say, an 8 mile run.
  • Speed builder: I have a little internal rule, if I'm gonna only run 2 miles, I have no excuse for strolling. It's (puffs out… ok it's not that fast...) only 19 mins or so, there's no need to 'save some for later' like you have to when running long. 
  • Calorie burn: Hey. I'm still maintaining a 96 pound weight loss and burning calories counts. At around 215 calories per 2 miles my three little 2 milers this week alone has torched away 645 calories… That's the equivalent of 6 light beers or a big mac and small coke or 3 servings of Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia low fat frozen yogurt --> Definitely worth running for food.
And I still maintain that momentum is super important - that was the main point of my original "no mile left behind post," sometimes you've gotta fake it 'til ya make it. Running two miles leads to more miles because you are keeping the momentum up. If you were to just skip the 1 - 2 - 3 mile runs because you couldn't do more, you might find yourself not running at all for weeks.  EGADS. The horror.

What are some of your favorite reasons to get in mini-runs?

Do you beat yourself up when your runs are short?

Do you think mini-runs are a waste of time?

Do you have a favorite flavor of frozen yogurt?


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