Friday, February 10, 2012

Big workouts, big news and the big winner of the Healthmaster giveaway!

This week in California I've really gotten my workouts in.  I remember in the old days I would dread trips because I would inevitably skip workouts, eat too much and make excuses why I can't stay on track away.

Not this time.

As most of you know I kicked off the trip with the Surf City half marathon, I've been running in the mornings, I'll be running a 10K on Sunday and Tuesday evening I took Cardio Barre - the hot new workout in Hollywood.

I enjoyed this class more than I thought I would and I was glad I did it.

Every morning this week, I've run a few miles, soaking in the gorgeous Southern California weather.  The only morning I didn't run was this morning because I knew I was going to be attending Barry's Boot Camp that afternoon.

On paper, Barry's Boot Camp sounded like hell to me. I was seriously scared of it. It's the 'it' Hollywood workout to get your ass kicked into shape and I was fearful that I couldn't hang with the big boys.

I was seriously apprehensive. I have to admit, I would've never volunteered willingly for this class. But Angela pretty much said, "on Friday we're doing Barry's." And that was that. OK then. 

Leading up to the class I was super nervous. Truth be told, I was silently praying anything else would come up to 'foil' our plans for this. This is the workout to the stars. Their clientele list has more A-list names than a Hollywood Hills Oscar soiree - these people are in shape. Sure I can run… but could I do this?? 

We got to the class and met our instructor. She seemed too nice to be the devil, so I felt a little relieved. Well, she was tough. We did intense legs then would do these sprint drills on the treadmill then we'd jump off the mill and do arms, then we jumped back on the treads and did uphill sprints… at one point the tread going all the way up to a 15 mile incline! This workout isn't for the weak or a beginner.

Then we did more floor/oblique work before finally hitting the treads for one more sprint session.

SWEAT poured from every part of my body.


I learned a lesson here. No matter how fit I've become, I still let fear hold me back. I realize that my nerves and apprehension all stemmed from still holding a deep, subliminal belief that I'm a 236 pound, out-of-shape person who'll be the fattest, most unfit, unable to do it, girl in class.  I truly believed that I was not cut out for boot camp that I'd be ashamed of myself for not being able to accomplish this.

What should 'shame' me was that I didn't even really want to try. WTF? Why haven't I learned this lesson already? I talk a big game about having the "courage to start" with running yet, a one hour workout class was scaring me away.

I could do it.  Just like in running - I learned that first of all, I'm fitter than I give myself credit for.  Many were walking instead of jogging during the jog recovery parts - I jogged/ran/sprinted the whole time. I even (puffs chest out proudly) killed the guy next to me with speed work.  I'm sorry that I doubted myself.  I'm glad that Angela made encouraged me to take these classes because I wouldn't have on my own.

Our gorgeous instructor Astrid McGuire…
and some creepy guy checking us out behind us
So… I better get fitter and fitter because this leads me to big… no. HUGE news!

I've been invited to participate in the Ragnar Relay in Key West, Fl in January 2013!  The Ragnar Relay is a 200 mile relay where a group of 12 rotates running for two days. (Average miles per runner is around 20 each!)

Everyone in our group has lost significant amounts of weight, most 100+ pounds! So it's a very special group of runners and we're coming from all over the country to do this together. I'm so honored and excited about this challenge.

Amongst my teammates are bloggers:
Mary from a small loss
and Katie from Runs For Cookies

Here's the map of our run from Miami - to the Keys:

More about this in the weeks and months ahead.

Finally the winner for the HealthMaster Elite is number 29 who happens to be:

Laurel, you have 1 week to contact me or post here with contact information or I'll be going back to the drawing board!

Hope all is well with you all!!


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