Friday, November 18, 2011

Five crappy excuses I've made to get out of a run

I am getting better at this and after all of this time I usually want to run more than I don't but here are five terrible excuses I've tried to feed myself to get out of my runs in the past:

1.  Bad Mood. Depending on the awesome and not so awesome people in your life, this could happen a lot or a little. I get in pretty crappy moods fairly often and while grumping around and eating ice cream and watching bad TV sounds good it rarely 'snaps' me out of it. If I can grumpily get my running stuff on and get my grumpy ass out the door - I come back far less grumpy and sometimes even downright (almost) chipper.

2.  No Time. Bullshit. It's BS at least 80 percent of the time. Every so often I have a day where I work 12 or 14 hours and that might be called a rest day. The rest of the time? Get off Facebook, get off the phone, turn off the House Wives of New Jersey television marathon and get your ass out the door.

3.  The Weather Sucks. Yeah? So does being fat and out of shape. By the way (for me) I have a gym membership and while I can debate all I want the pros and cons of running on a tread - I can avoid a frozen nose and soggy toes by driving the 1.5 miles to the gym and getting to work.

4.  Someone Else. My husband, son, friends, the girl next door, my high school prom date, the man on the moon will miss me on my long run, needs my attention, expects me to be around. Well. Maybe or maybe not but they'll want me around much more if I'm happy, healthy and in shape. People who really love you support your goals not undermine them. Find balance.

5. Too Much of a Time Commitment. When I was training for the marathon I would look at my program and see 8, 10, 14 or more miles and think - i can't fit that in today. I would get paralyzed and do nothing. HELLO? Who said that training was writ in stone? And since when doing 6 miles on an 8 mile day was not better than doing 0 miles on an 8 mile day? Get over yourself. Every mile counts and I've really come to believe that. It's an epiphany I had during my "No Mile Left Behind" journey. It's not to say you shouldn't go for the program but if running for an hour and fifteen minutes is doable but 2 hours impossible. Just fricken do it.

Honorable mention goes to a broken iPod. Music could enhance a run but it shouldn't be a mandatory part of it.

Good reason to stop running? When your pants are on the ground.

What are some dumb reasons that has stopped you from running?



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