Monday, April 23, 2012

A pain in the ass (warning - another rant)

big tall glass of "pain in the ass" comin' right up
The other day I was talking about my new found love for juicing with an acquaintance. I'm not a fanatical juicer, I don't exist only on juice but I like to juice as much as I can - I'd say 5 times a week or so.

From everything I've been learning lately, nothing is better for you than a plethora of fruits and vegetables and while I strive to get many in during my day, juicing ensures I get a super-charged amount in that day… and I genuinely like how it tastes!

Anyhoo. So back to my discussion. My friend just kept saying, "Ugh. But what a pain in the ass. It's a pain in the ass to prep the vegetables and clean the thing and why bother… a pain in the ass." "Oh and all that running. I don't have the time (OK get off Facebook for ten minutes, maybe?) and that's just a pain in the ass."

Everything healthy was a big fat pain in the ass.

It annoyed the shit out of me and I've been thinking about it ever since. And not because it isn't a pain in the ass. It is a little bit of a pain in the ass when it comes to scrubbing the (more expensive organic) veggies and cleaning the thing -- but then again, isn't everything kind of a pain in the ass?

I mean, I have a crazy 4 year old. Truthfully, raising kids is a pain in the ass. Life was easier when I had 0 people depending on me. Yeah. Think I'm gonna stop raising that kid. He's a pain in the ass.

And my job. You know what. My job(s) they are a pain in the ass. I'd really rather sleep until 10 AM and then watch the Hoda and Kathy Lee hour and then eat something. So yeah. My job is a pain in the ass, so I'm giving that up. 

Doing the laundry, cleaning the house, putting stuff in the dishwasher, going grocery shopping. Say it with me: Pain. In. The. Ass.

Oh and running. Forget. About. It. What a HUGE pain in the ass that can be ( and sometimes that's quite literal!!)

Come on. This is life, we can embrace stuff or roll our eyes and be bothered by everything. Taking care of our health and protecting it is a privilege we have a duty to ourselves and our family to safeguard it. It's bad enough when people cite legitimate excuses that stand in the way of health like 14 hour work-days, or something but now we are openly admitting that it's just,  "too big of a pain in ass" to wash a vegetable to take care of ourselves? Puhhhleeeeze. 

It's not like you won't have to pay the "pain in the ass toll" somewhere along the way.

You know what really is a pain in the ass? Diabetes. And heart disease and stroke. Injecting insulin shots, losing limbs, getting out of breath crossing a room, needing help to bathe and help to go to the bathroom. These are things that happen when we neglect our health. 

How about saying goodbye to kids, spouse or grand-kids prematurely because it was "too big a pain in the ass" to take care of yourself by cleaning a juicer? Or picking up a pair of sneakers and moving that big pain in the ass, ass of yours.

Sorry to get fired up. I'm just surrounded by excuse makers. AND I'm a guilty excuse maker myself sometimes. I've uttered those words more than a million times in my life. I'm probably most fired up at myself. For all those years that everything was, "too big of a pain in the ass" for me to take healthier steps. Oy. I fight that person everyday and it's a real pain in the ass. ;) 

Oh God. I hope I still have friends after all these rants! First it was the Biggest Loser gang, now I'm on a rant over a juicer comment. I swear I'm pretty cheery usual. I guess I just get it all out here. ;)


Have you ever wanted to slap an excuse maker in your life?
Do you juice?
What's the biggest pain in the ass for you? Mine is definitely cleaning the house!
I think there might be a new drinking game if you start this blog over and drink to every time the P.I.T.A phrase is mentioned. That's a lot of shots.


PS: I will continue to lovingly raise my not that big of a pain in the ass son who is lucky he's so damned cute and charming.


John Hulsey said...

Oh, I can definitely rant about a whiner... me. I find myself throwing a pity party about the hours I'm working, then I remember how much it sucks to NOT be working at all.

Good blog, my friend. It's a great reminder.

Elle said...

Funny but true post. People whine and cry and complain but won't do what it takes to make things better.

We have one body to live in and we had just better take care of it, it seems to me. I was thinking a few weeks ago about not wanting to eat properly and just have a life of sugary excess, but I told myself to Grow Up Cupcake, and do the right thing. It IS worth it.

Oh, and I think laundry is a PITA too... could you come fold mine for me? hahahahah

I love your rants; don't stop!

Book Dragon said...

you do know why kids, cat and dogs are cute when they're little don't you?

Love your rant!

Holly said...

Love it! Totally agree with you. Just about everything that feels like a pain in the ass would be sorely missed if you didn't have it. Even laundry -- what if you lost your home in a fire and had no clothes to wash? Bet you'd miss it!

Nice reminder that taking care of our bodies is a privilege.

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

Ah yes, I was too busy on Friday after being in the hospital with my dad, (his heart problem was completely unrelated to lifestyle), coming home to make some phone calls and get dinner done. On Saturday I had my nephew and my daughter went to a birthday party and I didn't want to be unreachable on a long run. On Sunday I was cooking (something with CHORIZO) for a brunch my sister was having and then spent the day there eating. Oh, God, I'm Conda!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Anyway, I have a couple of family members that are "too busy" but watch every television show on God's green earth with their DVRs and Tivos... TV is a HUGE root to obesity evil!

Frickin' Fabulous at 40 said...

(So's the internet.)

*~*~* Tracy said...

Preach it!

We all kvetch from time to time, but I hate being around people who continually make excuses and do nothing to change their circumstance.

Anything worth having in life is going to be hard work...that's what makes it valuable.

Renee said...

Saving this for a day im full of excuses....poor health IS a much bigger pain in the ass...

Arenita said...

I agree with you on the excuse-makers. I started running and excercising 6 months ago, and when I talk to my friends or colleagues about it, many of them say "I'd love to run, but I don't have the time".
It really bothers me, we all have busy lives, but we can make the time if we want it. I sometimes get up at 5 in the morning to be able to fit a run. I've stopped watching some of my favourite shows, and sometimes decided not to go out on a Saturday night.
Still, taking up running was the best decision I've ever made.

Crystal said...

Oh gosh, I was JUST talking about this subject to a girlfriend....I have "friends" on facebook that spend their entire life complaining and making excuses and it's such a mood killer. If you're not happy, do something about it! I'm known to make excuses at times, but when everything in life is a problem, maybe they need to reevaluate their life! Great post :)

The Skårtist said...

Dusting - now that's a PITA! -- but that will be step 1 when I FIND where the heck I put that ole juicer of mine! Yet again -- even your rants are inspirational --

EmDub @ Faster In Water said...

I'm such a PITA for my excuses. In my head I make my PITA issues even bigger and squash out any hope for exercise and somewhat of eating right. Have to remind myself that lesser people have overcome more (that could be a famous quote -- or on an episode of In Plain Sight that I recently saw).

Angela said...


BeeBeeZfa said...

Loved it. Thanks for the reminder. Off to the gym I go...

Amy said...


Angela said...

But for the record, juicing is a Pain in the Ass! That's probably why a fresh organic mixed juice costs $9 at the health food store!

What I get from this post is that most worthwhile stuff is a Pain in the Ass.

Jen said...

Thanks for all the comments!

Yes! juicing is kind of a pain in the ass but yes, everything worth it is… (and choose your pain in the ass poison…) decent lifestyle choices now or miserable quality of life later…

And the juicing really is just something I like - if juicing or running isn't your thing then just eat cleaner and do some zumba or spinning or walking or whateva…

Bridgette W said...

Love this post. Sometimes we all need a little perspective and that's exactly what you gave us.

Thank you!!

{lifeasa}RunningMom said...

Awesome post and my biggest pain is picking up after everyone day in and day out but thanks for the refresher. I am glad I have my loved ones in my life even if it means I need to pick up after them for the 2749629842475 time. I would rather pick up after them than not be with them.

Jason said...

Shit know I can't stand f'n excuses.

And I'm sorry but working a 14 hour work day is an excuse. Are you telling me that in 14 hours you can't find 30 minutes in the morning to go for a walk around the office? That work will still be there when you get back in 14 hours.

And you telling me that you HAD to stuff your face with Chinese takeout while working that 14 hour workday? I'm sorry but I'm not buying it.

Bring an apple and a banana. Drink water. There are things that can be done but unfortunately we live in a society of excuse makers.

Everybody has a f'n excuse for something they COULD HAVE done or SHOULD HAVE done or WOULD HAVE done instead of just f'n doing it.

Keep ranting my friend because somebody will be moved to move by one of these rants.