Sunday, January 12, 2014

Whole30 Days 10 and 11 - Taking it on The Road

Greetings from the North Carolina Airport.

I am on my way to a two week trip back in Kentucky to continue shooting our new television show LogHeads for the DIY Network.

I am indeed excited and proud that our production company is getting on the map with our first show but being away from home is tough.

I miss my son, I miss my husband, I miss my bed and my routines.

It's also going to be challenging to maneuver my way with this Whole30 thing.

I'm not even in KY yet and have already been faced with challenge.

I have a nearly 3 hour layover and my favorite activity (for better or worse) is eating and having a cocktail during such times.


OK, the cocktail has to go but certainly I can find some food? With a lot of time - I was able to visit a few of the terminals (and get some exercise in - this airport is huge!) There's not a helluva lot of choices. I mean, you can find fruit. But if you're looking for protein and healthy fats - that's harder.

I finally found a little place that had a steak salad. I got it without the blue cheese, without the croutons, without the dressing. The server promised me no oil or butter and I requested that they skip the seasoning even (for fear it would have MSG or some other non-compliant ingredient.) they didn't have EVOO and vinegar so I settled for lemon wedges.

And even after all that - I'm still a little suspect of the streak. I am pretty sure it was fine but eating out you just never know 100%.

Yesterday I hit my first other little blip - I made a seemingly delicious dinner - roasted lemon chicken, cauliflower mashed and a sautéed brussel sprout thing. It was really tasty!

But in the middle of the night I woke up and my stomach was killing me! I slept all night with a rock in my stomach and haven't felt all that great today. I'm trying to figure out what it was and all I can think is that I went a little too heavy handed with the "healthy" fats in last night's meal and it was perhaps just a touch to rich.

Who knows - wish me luck - it's gonna be even tougher on the road!


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