Monday, January 13, 2014

Whole30 Day 12 Holy mother of hard: How bad to you want it?

Today was my first day shooting in KY.

I discussed traveling here and the challenge I faced at the airport last night in this blog post. But the airport was Nirvana compared to today.

So I guess it started with the fact that I landed at midnight. My partners had come in a few days earlier and I was hoping they had a little time to do some food shopping for our production house. Unfortunately, things were just hectic and they never did so I came into no food. We also had an issue that came up for today's shoot so by the time I got to the house (at 1AM) we had work to do! They ate apple pie while I remembered my dismal airport salad.

Fine. I'm fine. Who needs apple pie at 1:30 in the morning? Me! Me! Me! Most definitely NOT ME!

We finally turned in at 2:30 AM - I tossed and turned and we had to get up around 5AM. I'm not good with no sleep and I woke up from my 'nap' feeling like I had drank and partied like a rockstar the night before. Oh. And there was the little issue of what the f am I going to eat?

We are in rural-ish KY and on a tight schedule. I counted my blessings that I had a bruised banana from the flight and a crushed cashew cookie Lara bar at the bottom of my travel bag and ate that at 5:45 AM with some black coffee. Needless to say by 9AM I was starving and screwed.

This was the table that was set up for production:

Pringles compliant? No? Didn't think so

And there was some bananas too (which I had one of) but I really wanted some good protein.

It was tough out there. It was cold, windy and a little drizzly. I was hungry and sleep deprived.

Around 11:30 AM I came across a small miracle. I was digging through my travel bag and found this at the bottom of it:

A gift from the Gods

I had forgotten that I had this little packet of cashew nut butter stowed away - I put it there the week before and forgot all about it! I felt like I had just won the Whole30 lottery. It was soooo yummy and took the edge off.

And then it started to rain. So we had to wrap our outside production at 1PM (bad news for production) we were moving to an inside scene on the other side of town - buuuuuut…. we had to go through Lexington and there, in all its shining glory, there it was….
halleluja! halleluja!

Thank you Lord! But, we only had ten minutes to grab lunch. But I knew this might be my only WF chance so I took those ten minutes to bring stuff back to the office for lunch and stuff I might for the next two weeks. Time was tight and I pretty much panicked into "Super Market Sweep" mode.

I grabbed dates and avocados and raw cashews. Ooooh - compliant guacamole and some lemons  (no basket mind you in my arms like a lunatic) A few sweet potatoes and I found ghee! I found ghee! Grabbed that and some coconut milk for the morning. Then I realized, I had no protein. I saw my co-workers get on line and I zipped to the meat aisle - what protein could I zap in the microwave? I know! And I grabbed some organic, uncured, compliant Applegate Farms hotdogs. Whew!

So with my food loot we went back to the office and I had a sweet potato with ghee and two hotdogs for lunch. And let me tell you it was the best damn lunch ever.

I grabbed a few cashews as a snack and then we came back to the house. 

One of my coworkers had grabbed some eggs and a big box of spring mix salad (oh bless her heart) so for dinner I had some of the guacamole, the spring mix salad with a squeeze of lemon and olive oil that we had in the house from our last visit and two scrambled eggs in the ghee. 

So today is in the books and it was successful. It was hard but I am so happy that I made it happen. I feel particularly proud because not only did I deal with the lack of food but I also was faced with that while on little sleep, outside freezing and away from home - all triggers for me. 

On a side note - even feeling sleep deprived, I do think I would've felt 10 times worse if I wasn't on Whole30. As the day went on I felt a tired but I had enough energy to get my work done and not feel like dying all day. 

How are you doing? Have you ever been in a challenging food situation and had to work it out?


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