Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Whole30 Day 13 Being one of those people

Here I am on day 13 on the Whole30 and day 2 in Kenutcky.

Today was a bit smoother but not without a bump or two.

I started my day with eggs and sweet potatoes (blessedly easy and breezy and right on course…)

Snacked on some cashews and a banana.

Then came lunch.

The crew decided they wanted Wendy's.

I expressed my needs. I felt a little high-maintenance I'm a 'go with the flow' type of gal. But on second thought - F THAT. That's why half of us have weight problems - we don't prioritize ourselves. We let ourselves eat the crap or give in to pressure because we don't want to be "one of those people." But we deserve to be one of those people. We are worth being fussy and particular for. I'm on a journey and I don't want to be knocked off of it.

Fighting for your right to Whole30 is kinda empowering actually.


So I waited for the car to come back and while they lunched on Wendy's I found a small luncheonette up the road that had 100% beef burgers (they promised nothing in them) and I had a burger patty over greens and a squeeze of lemon.

Of course this lunch didn't come easy. The lady at the counter couldn't quite understand what I wanted - even though I didn't think it was all that complicated.

I'm becoming the, "hold the croutons, cheese, dressing, bun, bacon" girl. "Just the burger." "Just a lemon wedge…" And I'm feeling eye rolling from the peanut gallery behind me.

But I deserve it. Fighting for my right…

I finally got my order and began to leave. I decided to open up the takeout box because I saw some hot sauce on the table and figured I'd add a dash on my burger.

Thankfully, I did peek. No burger. Nope. They gave my some kind of bbq beef brisket.


So now I had to go back to the counter and fight for my right to Whole30 again. (There was no fight, they were actually very nice and apologetic about the error.)

Finally I had my food and was on my way.

It was NOT the most amazing lunch ever (no that was yesterday's meal) but it was tasty enough and fulfilled the issue of lunch.

We hit a grocery store on the way home and got a few more staples.

I'm becoming "one of the those people" and you know, I'm pretty OK with that.

Are you one of those people or do you find yourself "going with the flow" and sometimes putting up with food that you don't really want.


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