Friday, January 3, 2014

The Whole30 Program: Day 2

Hey kids, so here we are at the end of Day 2.

I'm feeling pretty good still but I have fear that there will be some tough days ahead. My running coach and friend Dana who is also on plan posted this link that pretty much sums up how you will likely feel at certain points of the program. The timeline can be found here.

If you're too lazy to read it, it pretty much says that you can expect to feel "hung-over," extreme anger, sleepiness, bloated and like throwing in the towel! Yippee! Sounds great.

But then you get to around Day 16 and suddenly get "tiger blood" - sounds a lot like Charlie Sheen and winning but "tiger blood" has to better than angry and hungover so basically I'm living for Days 16 - 27 (with the exception of day 21 which you'll likely feel "so over it").

Anyway - food was good today. Started the day with two eggs over easy and sweet potato hash with baby spinach. I wrote up the hash recipe in case you are interested - you can find it here.

sweet potato hash

For lunch I had chicken, left over broccoli and left over yuca. Very tasty and filling.

I decided to go for a two mile run and came home a little hungry so I had a tablespoonful of cashew nut butter. (yum)

For dinner I had organic steak, sautéed mushrooms, cauliflower 'rice', avocado and some more leftover broccoli.

How are you doing?

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