Saturday, January 18, 2014

Whole30 Day 15 and 16 - Not Winning

I've made it to the half way mark and am still remaining on track.

It's been FREAKIN' freezing here in Kentucky and I've been working outside all day. This Jersey girl went totally country yesterday and bought some carthartt gear from the tractor supply store. Those Carhartt bib/overall things are super warm and helped a bit today. Temperatures reached in the 20's but "felt like" the teens most of the day and it's been windy.

ready for the cold and to farm

I'm not hating this Whole30 plan and I'm finding it OK and mostly enjoyable. It was easier and I liked it better when I was at home and not working crazy long days but I'm managing.

A few annoying things though…

According to the "What to Expect and When" Whole30 thing - today I should have felt like I had "Tiger Blood" but instead of "winning" I felt like Charlie Sheen after a bender.  Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with a terrible pain in the center of my chest - it's a tight cramps feeling in my stomach I get rarely but it's a killer when it comes on and last night it came on and woke me up at 3 AM. Ugh. Also (and sorry for the TMI) the last few mornings have been a bit rough in the morning in the "loo" department.

By now I thought the digestive things should be sorted? It's very frustrating.  I also don't feel like my clothes are getting any looser but I don't know. I'm sticking it out and going through the process.  I do have good energy during the day in spite of getting less sleep than I like to get usually.

On the up side, I'm proud of my commitment and sticking to the plan.

Speaking of not winning, I was disappointed to hear from my husband this morning that he 'didn't really cheat' but had a "sip" of lemonade - which makes me suspect that it was really more than just the lemonade (I mean who cheats with lemonade?) and even if he's truthful and it was just a sip - it messes up the program for him and he should technically start from day 1 (which I told him but I know he won't.) Ugh. I'm disappointed but what can I do? We all have to decide what is best for our health and I can't make him do something. I just wish he wanted to really, truly, fully commit to the program.

I won't bore you with the details of my meals as they were standard foods and meals I've talked about before involving eggs, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, avocado, etc.

I'm hoping to get out and run this weekend. It's been non-stop work and I haven't had a chance to run this week at all. Luckily I've been hauling the camera and we've been running around in our work so we're getting movement in.

Have you ever had a weight-loss friend, spouse or 'partner in crime' for  a program and the partner gave up? How did you handle the situation?


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