Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Whole30 Day 6 - Daily Mile stats, I'm a winner and Eating on the run

Yesterday I got my 'year in review' stats from Daily Mile. Are you on Daily Mile? If you're not you should consider signing up. It's free and like Facebook for fitness. I really like it as a place to record my mileage and workouts because it's super user friendly and they provide you with weekly and yearly stats. It's a nice thing to keep.

Here's my year in review: 

749 miles, an average of 14 miles per week, 234 workouts and 22 pounds burned. 

Funny but I thought I had looked up my running stats for my yearly 'round up' blog where I discuss what my goals were and how I did. One of my goals was to cover 722 miles in 2013 and I must of read my workout details wrong because I thought I had fallen really short but actually I didn't! I did 749 miles in 2013. Which means I have to cover at least 750 miles in 2014. Some of the miles were probably recorded as biking miles but I don't care - miles under the belt are miles under the belt and I'm counting them. 

Oh and this is some cool news. I'm an Active Advantage member and every month they do a bunch of giveaways - I just found out that I won a $25 gift card to REI! I love that store and I'm so psyched! 

Yesterday was Day 6. 

I started the day with my usual breakfast of eggs, sweet potato and a little avocado. For lunch I had some "turkey picadillo" with plantains fried in coconut oil that hubby whipped up that morning. (Ground turkey, chopped onions, garlic, salt, pepper, pepper flakes and chopped green olives and green peppers).

It was the coldest day on record in years. Here is NJ the temp read 5 degrees on the thermometer but felt in the negative numbers due to wind chill. Of course this would be the day I picked to go into the city for some work I needed to do with an editor. Oy.

I decided to drive in and park which costs a fortune but I decided it was worth the money and better than waiting outside for a bus in the cold. 

Aside from the cold, eating was on my mind. The session started around 1 and ran until 8PM. Typically, somewhere along a day like this, food is ordered and unhealthy snacks are had.

I packed a small baggie of cashews and a cashew cookie Lara Bar (cashews and dates) to have in case of emergency. (I know, I know, cashew overload. Better than a bag of chips though).

I ate both and was glad I had the snacks - they definitely helped me stay in control. Especially when the guys working next to us brought in a giant, amazing smelling pizza from one of the best pizza places in NYC. Not that I could eat it even if I wasn't on Whole30 thanks to the gluten issues but it still made me super hungry.

On the way home as a treat I thought I would pick up Chipotle for hubby and I. It was late and I didn't feel like cooking. 

If you are doing the Whole30 plan this is what you can have at Chipotle: A salad bowl (no dressing) topped with carnitas, tomatoes, salsa and guacamole. And that's what we had. You cannot have the veggies or the other meats because of certain non-compliant reasons. The veggies are sautéed in soybean oil for example. The carnitas are the only meat that is braised with no added non-compliant ingredients.

Truthfully, I guess Chipotle is OK in a pinch but I wouldn't go out of my way to do it again. They automatically charge extra for guacamole and without all the other toppings I felt $10 per bowl was just too expensive. It also was not super delish to me. Just OK. A bit bland. I can make carnitas at home for a fraction of the price and have them for the week! Plus even though the ingredients listed are compliant  - you still never know. When given the option I'd rather be in full control of my food.

I still haven't had real 'withdrawal' and have been feeling pretty good. I still wish I could have a glass of wine at night. Hubby is doing great and has already lost some noticeable weight. He's getting into his smaller shirts and feels good. 

How are things with you? How do you handle eating out?

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