Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Whole30 program: Day 1

So today I began my journey into The Whole 30 program. It went great.

I started by making my hubby (who agreed to go along for the ride) his lunch.

I packed him up the butternut squash I made the other day, chicken salad made with homemade mayo, almonds and an apple. I gave him some big iceberg lettuce leaves to make lettuce wraps with the chicken salad.

Marty's lunch minus the lettuce leaves

For breakfast we had sweet potato hash, eggs and kale. (The hash was great, quick and easy - I will post the recipe later this week.)

Marty's breakfast - I actually had eggs over-easy

Happy to say he approved of his lunch :) he sent me this text and the word "yum"

My lunch wasn't half bad either:

Butternut squash, kale with chicken thighs - apple and cashews for snack
I wound up not eating the apple but snacked on the cashews around 4PM.

Came home and marinated some organic pork chops (I can't believe I found organic pork chops!) in an olive oil, cilantro and garlic mix.

And to go along with the pork made some broccoli and yuca with mojo. (The mojo is a little was sautéed onions, garlic and lemon juice and a little olive oil and some water from the boiling yuca).

The meal was so good!

I feel thoroughly satisfied. I'm actually a little skeptical that I can actually lose weight eating like this but we'll see. Marty enjoyed his day too.

How'd you do?


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