Thursday, December 1, 2011

Runner's fantasy gift wish list: Lifestyles of the rich and famous edition

How cute is this - WANT IT found it at Milestones Jewlery
If you know my husband, let him know this would be appreciated ;)
If you're a runner we probably have some common items on our holiday wish lists.

Maybe you want a new fuel belt or a replacement pair of your favorite sneakers. Perhaps you're looking for an iPod upgrade, a case of Gu or even something fancy like the top of the line Garmin…

Socks, running books, cold weather gear and a new pair of running pants (not these) round out my personal list.

But, what if you suddenly hit the lottery? Money no object. What if there was no gift too big?

What would make your ultimate fantasy list of running gifts?

Ooooh… I can tell you what would be on mine:

After the race, I'll be in my penthouse
suite at the Ritz - C'est magnifique!
First class RACECATIONS all the way.  Several of them.  Presently, when I take a 'racecation' it's as cheaply as possible. I'm at some ok'ish motel or hotel too many miles away.  Money has been tight and even going cheap gets pricey. But if money were no obstacle I would stay at the best hotel in the area, get personal post-race massages, followed by five-star celebratory dinners and then stick around a few days to take in the sights.

Pimped out, state-of-the art at-home gym.  And maybe even one of those fancy smancy lap pools since I'm so stinkin' rich. No more worrying about fighting for my favorite tread, no more having to disinfect everything for fear of the plague. It's mine. All mine.

no one is a loser with this
guy leading the way
Personal trainer and Coach. Hello, Dolvett Quince from the Biggest Loser. (Hey, it's my dream and yes. I am that rich.) for bootcamp, weight training and cross training days.… He would work alongside my running coach and possibly my tri-coach.  Now that I have a lap pool, free time and all that fancy gym equipment - I can start my Ironman training. ;)

I guess that would be my top three fantasy things. I would love to have unlimited money to spend at Whole Foods (I have a strict grocery budget that includes couponing - I would never clip one again!) and the occasional chef to whip up a week of healthy perfectly balanced and delicious meals wouldn't be terrible (though, generally I like to cook.)

So what's on your fantasy list?

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