Friday, December 16, 2011

Calling out sick

Happens to the best of us

I'll be back soon -

Not only have I got nothing interesting to say - I'm feeling rather yucky.

I was going to run 5 miles instead of my 10 mile long run in the face of this craptastic cold and then decided to just skip the whole thing altogether…

I will now go into my self-induce coma of Nyquil and cough drops - if you need to find me just follow the trail of tissues and the scent of the Vicks Vapor rub - I'll be that big lump in the middle of the bed under fifty-two blankets with the company of some TLC show droning on in the background.

By the way - have you ever tried a neti pot?  My husband swears by them but it never seems to work out for me. Tonight, at his urging, I gave it another shot. I nearly drowned to death.  I just don't think they like me. Or I can't figure out this seemingly easy thing.  Either way.  Awesome.

And they are all trying to kill me

Anyway, hope to get a few miles in tomorrow.

Have a great weekend.


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