Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Goals and reflections

A whole year has gone by and I'm still running. In fact, it'll be my two year running anniversary in February - I can't believe it. Words can't describe the gratitude I have for having found this lifestyle.

Anyhoo, I thought I'd pull up my "running goals" from last year and here is how it broke down:

  1. Reach and maintain my goal weight - CHECK. In fact it will by one year at goal weight in January - WOO-friggen-hoo, go me.
  2. Stop beating myself up when it comes to running - no more feeling "not good enough," "not worthy enough," "not fast enough..." There will always be someone faster, younger and thinner. Good for them. And there will always be someone slower, older and fatter. Good for me. - CHECK? I think I've done much better with this and have even curbed my need to follow my "speedier" workouts with the words, "for me." 
  3. I will take more time to enjoy the journey - even the treadmill part - CHECK. I feel like I really have enjoyed the journey and have even grown to appreciate the treadmill.
  4. I will find a better balance. I think so. ;)
  5. I will learn more about the actual "mechanics" of running. I don't know what Fartlek's are and "splits" aren't so clear either. There's lots of training terms that sound techy and make me want to take a nap but I should learn the runner-speak if this is the sport I'm committing to.  FAIL.  I still have no idea what a Fartlek is. I think I kinda get splits though - like if my first mile is 10 min mile and my second is a 9:45 min mile… that's a good thing split wise.
  6. I will "pay it forward" more in the new year - I've been blessed with so much support, love and friendship in this running world - I hope to give the same to others.  CHECK. I feel like I've made an effort to be involved in the blogging/twitter/facebook world of newbie and fellow runners alike.
So all in all a pretty great running year.  I've gotta start getting some goals together for 2012 - Will post within the next few days.

Some more 2011 highlights:

First full marathon 
I've increased my speed. My average pace is now a sub 11min. mile (usually around 10'something) This is happy-happy.

I had great PR's for my half marathon (two sub 2:30 halfs) and an awesome 5K at 28:48.

I ran my first marathon in June.

I started to take this blog a little more seriously and have grown a little twitter following and even a Facebook page.

I made it thru a few flus and a twisted ankle and still maintained my connection to running and fitness - notable as I usually let things slide when faced with adversity.

I got my hubby to run his first 5K.

I even had a mini running streak of over a month when I declared I shall 'leave no mile behind.'

How'd you do this past year? What are some of your goals for the new year?

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