Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All I do is Win and Biggest Loser recap

First of all…

There was the winner of the Biggest Loser last night and the finale - (spoiler alert ahead)

I am usually not such a big fan of the finale - I'm not sure why, it's almost like that feeling I get after a big race -- I guess I enjoy the journey so much that the "finish line/finale" of the show leaves me feeling a little wistful.  Of course, immediately scheduling another race -- or in the case of BL -- the promise of the next season on the horizon picks me right up.

They promoted the next season of BL last night. It's slated to begin in January and looks like it's gonna be another interesting journey.

But back to last night.

I stole borrowed this pic from Dolvett's FB page - it's awesome

The contestants all looked amazing.  While I fell in love with Ramone last night - he was funny, inspiring, charming and sincere (and was sorta rooting for him) -- I was also blown away with Antone's transformation and wouldn't have minded seeing him win either but the top prize went to AZ native, John who shed enough weight to beat both his opponents.  His next goal is to run the LA Marathon. I was happy for him, his hard work and drive led him to success and what other lesson could you want from BL?

I was also so happy for Jennifer who won the at-home competition and looked stunning.


And speaking about winning -- guess who else is a winner? ME! I am a winner.  I usually don't win anything but in the last few weeks, I've been making up for a lifetime of unwinning entries, lottery tickets, raffles and whatever else. Recently, I won an iFitness belt from Racing It Off, and a great tee shirt and HoneyMilk from Cook, Train, Eat, Race.  Go me!

And now this - 

I was catching up with my blog reading and headed over to Life As a Running Mom to read her "Almost Wordless Wednesday" post.  Well, I was downright speechless to find my name in a pretty rainbow:

I stole borrowed this pic from Life As a Running Mom's
blog it's awesome

YIPPEE!!  What did I win?  This:
Also 'borrowed' from
Life As a Running Mom's blog :)

So I'm very excited to give this stuff a shot!

Also, go check out Erica's blog it's great.

I'm feeling like a winner.  :)  On my way to play megaball… 

Have you won anything lately?

What's the coolest thing you've ever won?



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