Monday, December 12, 2011

Ironman and other television shows that are good for you

I fricken love Ironman and this year's Kona definitely didn't disappoint.  It delivered highs and lows - it profiled common men and women that you rooted for with every cell in your body and highlighted the elites we love.

I savored every minute and I'm sad that those events are so few, far and in-between.  The TV producer in me wishes they would take the whole event and break it down into an 8, 1 hour episode series - profiling more folks and following their journeys. You could delve into their back-stories even more and get to know more of those people out there.  Sigh.

Ironman Kona always motivates me.  And it got me to thinking, TV always gets such a bad rap but the truth is there are a few TV shows that could almost be downright good for you -- if consumed responsibly.

In addition to Ironman competitions here are my "TV that's good for you" picks:

  • Dr. Oz.  I often will run on the treadmill during Dr. Oz.  Unlike many other Docs on TV, Dr. Oz is the real deal.  He still sees patients and performs open heart surgeries at Columbian Pres. in NYC.  His approach is honest yet compassionate and somehow he keeps his show interesting and fresh. On a recent episode he even called Paula Deen out (as his guest!) on her responsibility to make her food healthier and to quit smoking.  Paula looked scared to death but she's already trying to clean up some of her recipes and promised to work with Oz to quit smoking.  I appreciated that he didn't sit there and kiss her ass just because she is a beloved superstar of the cooking world. He was gentle but he made no bones about the fact that her cooking will kill her and it's no good for anyone.
  • Super Size Me and other documentaries.  There are many great documentaries out there - Food Inc., Super Size Me, Spirit of the Marathon that are either eye-opening, super motivating or both. These docs are well worth the time spent to watch them.  I caught Super Size Me on the treadmill last week and it reminded me of why I've made the food decisions I have and motivated me to run further.
  • Biggest Loser.  I know, I know. It ain't perfect. There are issues all over the place but for me, I still find something super motivating in there and maybe just for the guilty pleasure of it, I have to stick it on my list.  
What makes your list of "good for you" TV watching?


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