Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I like how it feels

Ah -

Had a good run at the gym today.  I started off slow but I ended it strong. I know that a few of you are 'no music' purist but I can't tell you how much a good song makes a difference for me.

Was very happy with my splits today - always trying to remember to save some in the tank to book at the end.  So my 3 miler went like this:

Mile 1: 11'45
Mile 2: 10'25
Mile 3:   9'41

Not too shabby.

I downloaded a few new tunes this morning using a brand new iTunes gift card I got from Mom for Christmas.

I am typically not a fan of Enrique Iglesias but downloaded his song - I Like How It Feels and it really got me running fast and cranking up the speed. It's pretty catchy and has a build-up to it.

 I like some of the lyrics too:
"So just turn it up, let me go
I'm alive, yes and no, never stop
Give me more, more, more
Cause I like how it feels
Ooh yeah, I like how it feels
You know I like how it feels
Oh yeah I like how it feels"
I liked it so much, I played it twice which I almost never do.

So Christmas was great. My hubby is the best and got me a bunch of great stuff like my favorite makeup and perfume. He also had the movie poster to the documentary that I co-produced professionally framed:

Fancy - huh? See the trailer here
And he got me some awesome running stuff: A new long sleeve base layer top, my bibs and medals framed, running pants (that don't fall down!) 2 pairs of my favorite Injinji toe socks and Dean Karnazes 50 marathon in 50 days documentary AND Spirit Of The Marathon:

not sure why all my photos have a reddish tint but
being that I had no makeup on, its probably for the best
Hope you are all enjoying your holidays!!

Did ya get anything good?

Hear any good songs lately? If you listen to music when you run, what's the newest song you've added to your playlist?


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