Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Running fail: Pants on The Ground

regrettably not my ass
After coming off the high of a great 5K I was looking forward to getting a few miles in tonight. 

Some girls have issues with sports bras, some with the right undies or socks… Me?  I always, always have problems finding running pants I like. Something never seems to work with them for me. I have a big ass curvier hips and thighs and a small waist so I can never seem to get the right fit.

I'm getting sick of wearing the same one pair of pants for the last year and they don't even make them anymore for me to get a second pair. If I ever lose these pants, I'm through.

When one of the girls, who I ran the 5K with, showed me her new running pants my eyes lit up. The fabric was nice, the details divine and the great deep zippered pockets on the side would come in so handy... (ooooh think of the gels and beans I could carry on long runs!) I was salivating and then she told me the best part… they were on sale! Only $15 at Modell's!

So I headed off and grabbed the last pair on the rack! Score! And then I tried them on in the dressing room. Seems good to me! Wrap 'em up!

A dumb thing like new running pants is enough to get me excited for the next run so I've been looking forward to this run all day!

I get geared up and head to the gym. They feel a little tight in the wrong places and a little loose in others but it's going to be A-OK… 

I start running and in 1.2 seconds I realize my new pants aren't going to work out. I try to run thru it but as they continue to slide down, from my waist to my pelvic bone, I realize that unless I want to grasp the sides the whole run, that I'm about another 1.2 seconds from mooning the entire back row of treadmill runners.



So I power walked on an incline for two miles and called it a day.

Pant suggestions? I'm on a budget too so I can't afford a swanky pair of pants that cost $60 or more. 

Have you ever had a running wardrobe malfunction? What's your 'hard' to find running apparel item?

Thanks for your help.


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