Saturday, December 17, 2011

Weight Watchers and Porkys - perfect together

Well, I'm still suffering with one helluva cold. But souped up on dayquil and armed with tissues, I'm muddling thru.  I will probably not run again today but I shall try not to let that get me down. I think it's for the best -- I'm on that edge of getting really sick or rallying back so I am going to try to take it easy and hope to be running again in the next day or so.

Even though I'm feeling off, I pulled my crap together enough to get to my Weight Watcher meeting. Next month in January I expect to reach my one year anniversary at (or below) my goal.  YEE HA. I'm very proud of the accomplishment in maintaining.

Still, the road to WW success will always hit bumps here and there. This week I was up and it was annoying.  Even though I'm a little sick - I still managed a 20+ mile week of running and tracked all my food. This is the second week I'm up at the scale despite being very mindful of food and exercise. Boo.  I'm still under goal so I have a little play room but no matter where you are at weight, its still frustrating when the scale doesn't do what you want it to do.

In any case - how is this for totally ridiculous?  Our new Weight Watcher center moved next to this BBQ restaurant:

But wait. That's not the ridiculous part.  During my weigh-in this morning was this ON THE WEIGHT WATCHER reception counter:
what's next? free wine tasting at the AA meeting?
Oh sweet irony. I mean. Come on Weight Watchers!  I appreciate that this program is designed where if I was forced to go to a place like Porkys I could figure out the points and make it happen.  Cool. I get that. But to literally have their menu at the scale?  I find something not quite right about that.  Most of us got into that room because we made poor choices and struggle with food. A 10% discount to Porkys is not what any of us need.

And listen - I hate to bag on Weight Watchers.  No one is a bigger supporter than I.  I LOVE Weight Watchers. I LIVE Weight Watchers.  I think it's an awesome program that works.  The program itself stresses 'whole foods' and exercise.  I am a fan and will probably go a meeting for the rest of my life… 

However, I have to call ya out on this one.

Gotta love it.


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