Friday, December 9, 2011

Foto Friday

Do you "Like" I <3 to run on Facebook?  You should like them if you get a chance.  Totally worthwhile.

They post a ton of great pictures.

There are motivational ones:

There are straight to the point ones:

There are social networking ones:

And there are "cheeky" ones:
(This one had a caption: 
Running - better than plastic surgery)
Not enough miles on the planet for my ass ever
to resemble this but still a great picture

Somedays I even whip out my camera...
This is just a basic screenshot of my two mile run from this morning:

Pretty proud of that second mile that's super fast for me!

It's funny because I always have this need to precede, "fast" with "for me." I'm working on that.  I shouldn't discount my effort because one man's 8 minute mile is another's 10, 12 or 14.

We are all runners at the end of the day. Our asses don't have to look like picture number 4 and we don't all have to all come in first in our age group.  However, if the quest for a better looking ass,  a faster time or a healthier heart is what keeps you in the game -- so be it.  

Have a happy Friday everyone!

Do you have any favorite running posters or pictures that make you smile or feel inspired?



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