Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Running: There's an App for that and other techie stuff

There's a running App for that
Today I got an exciting package in the mail and it wasn't a new pair of sneakers, box of Gu or running book…

Today, I stepped into a new tech world for me - one that up until now, I've only dreamt of.

Today, I got my very first iPhone.

She's a beauty.

I'm having a good time learning the cool stuff she can do - it makes my old dependable Black Berry look boring.

As I explore the million and one Apps I thought I would turn to you and ask, What's your favorite running techie thing?

It doesn't have to be iPhone or cell phone specific, it could be a website, watch, or any other doohickey that modern technology has brought forth for the world of running.

My favorite stuff includes:

My Nike+, iTunes and Dailymile website.

I love sharing my runs, analyzing my stats and seeing how far I've come. I've tried to journal but I'm just not that organized - the Dailymile and Nike+ thing has been great for my record keeping.

So whatcha got? What do i need or should check out?

By the way, as I was looking for a picture to steal display for this post, I stumbled upon 10 Essential iPhone Apps for Runners - I still have to check these out but thought I'd share.

I've gotta go. I have a new iPhone to play with! Wheeee!



PS: Right after I posted this on Twitter - Active posted a similar article called, 6 iPhone Apps for Triathletes… So for my Tri friends - you might want to take a peek!

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