Saturday, November 5, 2011

ING NYC Marathon Eve

I am definitely excited for the ING 2011 NYC marathon tomorrow. I won't be running and I won't even be a spectator but I can feel the thrill of it in the air already.

It seems I get a case of marathon fever around this time each year. Last year it was a mere day or two after the NYC marathon that I took the plunge and signed up for the San Diego RNR one.


My friend Nicole and I decided that we're going to apply for the marathon NYC lottery for 2012 - it's a long shot but it has suddenly become something I really want to do. So I'll be applying to that lottery until I get in. 

To those who have the honor of running tomorrow - Congrats. You are already a winner.

Look strong, run strong, finish strong.

There is no shame in walking thru a water stop if you have to (but I will understand when you decide against it.) 

Enjoy every minute and I can't wait to read the race recaps and see the pictures of your bling.


PS: Here is a link to the changes in the lottery. The changes are meaningful. There will no longer be the 'automatic' entry after a few missed lotteries. You could try for the lottery for the rest of your life and not get in! Other changes have occurred to. Check it out here:

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