Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Favorites

Aside from running I thought I'd take this time to list a few of my favorite things:

1. Good Will Hunting - I coupon, price-match and shop thrift stores. When I'm not running I'm hunting down a bargain. Recently, I snagged my favorite running sneaker (brand new) on EBAY for $34 (including shipping!) They usually run me closer to $90.  Today at lunch I hit up GoodWill and found a pair of Express jeans (perfect fit!) and a cute Calvin Klein Sweater - total price: $12.98. The outfit would've been closer to $100 if I paid retail.

2. Reality Television - Snookie, Biggest Loser, The Housewives of Wherever - bring it on. I love mindless TV to relax and this is my guilty pleasure in programming. Don't get me wrong, shows like Parenthood are tops in my book but when I'm blogging or ready to conk out these shows are better than comfort food. My favorite is still Biggest Loser.

3. Dirty Martini - Special shout out to Dirty Sue who makes the best 'dirty olive' juice out there. While I can only have one small one (or suffer the repercussions the next day) I love me a good martini on a Saturday night (or Sunday - Friday…)

4. Poker - I am a bit of a poker fanatic. I have a few friends who are professionals and someday I hope to play in the WSOP alongside them. It's a game that takes patience, practice and skill. I've always liked puzzle solving and gambling so this is a definite fit for me.

5. Facebook - Addicted. Guilty as charged. I like looking at people's pictures, keeping up with friends that I haven't seen since the second grade, connecting to other runners, playing words with friends, knowing everyone's birthdays, seeing tear-jerking videos, reading funny or motivational signs, all of that crap. Love it.

6. Ironman Coverage.  I live for watching Ironman races on television. I get inspired every single time - I don't care if it's Kona or Michigan. I don't care if it's from 2011 or 1999 - I can't get enough of watching it. I get choked up every time I see someone cross the finish line and hear the announcer declare, "You, John Doe, are an Ironman."

So that's that for today. I can go on and on but I want to know - what are a few of your favorite things?

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