Friday, January 20, 2012

7 reasons to stop hating the treadmill

at least I can watch the muscle heads at my gym
Ah, The good 'ol dreadmill treadmill.

Many of us have a hate-hate relationship with it.

Some more than others.  I myself have grown to tolerate the treadmill. I will admit that it's easier to deal with it when runs are 6 miles and under but I've used it to run up to 14.

Not everyone hates the treadmill. I mean powerhouse runners and bloggers like EMZ runs on one and even did her own 24 hour treadmill fundraiser on one!  Lesley from Racing It Off also often turns to tread work without mention of dread.  She clocks some serious miles on it too!

Today I woke up with a groan at the thought of hopping on the treadmill… So on the heels of yesterday's post about being positive I started to talk to myself about all the good things about the good 'ol tread.

So in honor of national treadmill day… (never heard of national  treadmill day? Well that's because I made it up…)

I'm listing ten seven (I couldn't come up with ten) reasons why we should stop hating the treadmill:

  1. Climate control. No ice, no rain, no snow, no heat wave, no cold weather gear, no coming home and waiting for your thighs to defrost or cursing the sunscreen that's sweated into your eyes… Just go time.
  2. Reality television. It's so much harder to watch an episode of the Jersey Shore running thru a park… well. unless your park is in the middle of Jersey (like mine) where you might sight a Snookie or two… 
  3. A handy dandy dash board.  No figuring out where to carry your Gu, hydration, music, towel, iPhone, uh. remote control for reason number 2 - treads have all kinds of cup holders to stash your crap.  And talking about crap...
  4. Potty perfect.  Gu hit your tummy hard? Too much pre-run hydrating? Running so hard you feel like puking? Never fear, a potty is near!
  5. No dogs, children or sidewalk cracks to trip you up.  On my run the other day thru the hood, I made the mistake of running by a middle school just as the tweens were getting out. Oh the horror. Weaving in and out of walls of kids with heads buried in their cool smart phones was a great time if you like running a 15 minute mile. Also, I'm good for catching every little bump in the road just at the right spot to trip. 
  6. Mindless Miles.  It's not to say they aren't worthy or important miles. Sometimes it's just a relief to run without thinking of anything. I can blast my music and truly tune out. When I'm running outside I'm on heightened alert for above mentioned dogs and sidewalk cracks, plus cars, bikers, predators and other things that can harm ya.  I like that I can completely zone out.
  7. Hill and speed control. Wanna run up hill - no need to go out and find one! That's so old school. Incline it up, baby!  Want to know what it feels like to run a 5 min. mile? - Set it to 12.0 and have at it. Good luck. Modern technology! I do like challenging myself to running faster and faster on the tread.
So what's your thoughts on our poor, often hated friend the treadmill? Love him or hate him? 

What's your favorite thing about the tread? Your least favorite?


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