Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012! Running streak day 1

Happy New Year friends!

There once was a time that New Year's eve meant drinking until i couldn't see.

It doesn't mean that anymore.  But don't think we didn't try.

We went to our friend's house for some appetizers and drinks but by 11PM we were calling it a night. Hubby wasn't feeling great and we figured we'd head home before the revelers hit the road.

at least we looked the part until 10:30 PM

Awesome friends and family

Even so, we still had a great time. New Years now means celebrating friends and family and we got to do that.

someone cut that crazy kid off 
It's actually kinda nice waking up refreshed and non-hung over to be honest.

I'm gearing up to do a mile run - I will be partaking in I <3 To Run - (at least) one mile a day running streak:

Only gonna do a mile today since technically yesterday and today were to be "rest days" and yesterday I ran 2 miles (after my 10 mile long run) and today I'm a little achey - so gonna go a slow mile and just enjoy the nice weather and the first day of 2012.

Ironically I'm on a 13 day run streak without even noticing it. Was looking over my running log yesterday and realized that everyday I've gone out and did some kind of running. It's funny how that happens.

Are you doing a running challenge this year?

What is your opinion about run streaks? 

Part of me thinks it's a cool challenge the other thinks you've gotta be careful that you don't get so wrapped up in the streak that you don't listen to your body if it truly needs a rest.


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