Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sh*t runners NEVER say

As I was writing yesterday's post "Sh*t runners say" I realized that there are even more things us runners would NEVER say.

Sh*t runners never say:

  1. 25.2 already? Damn, only one more mile.
  2. No, no. I don't want the medal - running was its own reward.
  3. I'm not hungry.
  4. I like being the slowest in the group.
  5. I really hope I don't PR this time.
  6. What does BQ mean? 
  7. I decided to race without my Garmin.
  8. One pair of sneakers are plenty.
  9. How many miles is this marathon?
  10. I'd rather be walking.
  11. This sport would be so much easier if it was all uphill.
  12. Can you pass me my jean jacket - going for a run.
  13. Nothing sucks more than crossing a finish line.
  14. I hope there are a bunch of dogs off their leashes at the park today!
  15. Oh, how fun. An ice storm.
  16. I'm so glad I had the burrito and hot wings before this 16 miler. Great call.
  17. I hope I "pants my poop" this time ;)
  18. Awesome! I'm injured - now I get to rest for a few weeks!
  19. Thank God for the wall of walkers in front of me, now I can slow down.
  20. Woot! I just ran thru a pile of dog poop - It's my lucky day.
Now I'm sure I'm missing at least 20 more so bring on your own 'sh*t us runners would NEVER say' in the comments below!

Have a great day!


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