Saturday, January 28, 2012

Freeze Your Thorns Off Race Recap and my new Saucony Loot!

I'm NUMBER 1! Oh. So is everyone. 

There was no freezing for my "Freeze Your Thorns Off Race." It was a lovely 48 degrees - which is lovely running weather for this time of year. I felt pretty good out there and was very proud of my split from about mile 3 - 10:
Happy that I was able to really pick up that last mile - and on
the way back I was running in a pretty good head-wind...
Uphill. on one leg 
So yay. Another virtual race under my belt and a good run to boot.

In other news…

My Saucony prize package came this week.  In case you hadn't heard, here's something to be super jealous of, I won a $500 GRAND PRIZE from Saucony's "Find Your Strong" Facebook Sweepstake! Right!? Best win eva!

Anyway - so the loot came and this is what I got: 

squeal… 3 pairs of new running sneaks!

And I also got arm sleeves, a mask/neck thingy for when it's super cold out, a warm headband thing, compression socks and running pants.

Loving all my stuff! Thanks Saucony! :)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.


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