Saturday, January 7, 2012

Streak? What streak?

Here I am with all this 'streak' speak the last few posts and yesterday I decided to break the streak.

I was in Atlantic City and having a good time. To be honest, there was really not good reason to not figure out the 'streak' mile other than, I just didn't feel like it. So I didn't make it a priority and I'm OK with that.
The fat lady has sung

Ironically, breaking the streak was the best thing that could've happened for today's run (or at least I'm choosing to believe unstreaking was the reason).  I had a long run of 8 -10 miles planned to day and hit the road. Holy gift-from-God the weather was perfect. I took my slightly over-dressed ass and started running.

It was one of those runs where it was absolutely effortless. The miles seem to fly by and I was in a comfortable groove. I was surprised to when Nike would tell me how fast I was going at the end of my miles but then I would realize that I was sweating and a little out of breath… Guess I was pushing harder than I thought but loving it.


Of course all can't be perfect in love and running and around 4.5 miles in I nicely rolled my left ankle.  Yippee-ki-Ay. Awesome.

There was too much going on - I was sucking down a GU (as I decided i was gonna go 10 miles) running down hill into the wind, and navigating a crazy busy car wash - cars coming in and out. I was looking up trying to make sure that I wasn't going to be crushed by a car which took my eyes off the pavement… I got foiled by a cracked sidewalk.  I barely lift my eyes off the road when I'm running around town because the sidewalks and pavement is just jacked up everywhere. It's like urban trail running.

not even close to as bad as it gets in my 'hood


But it felt OK enough so I ran home.

Funny, in the old days I would justify quitting a run/exercise because of some 'fake' pain and now with real pain, I find a way to justify running on it another four miles.

Loved today's run. Ankle rolling, carwash patron avoiding and all.

Average mile was something around 10:30 which is speedster McGee for me for a long run. (Sorry Jason, it's true.)

Came home iced, rested, elevated. It feels slightly sore but no swelling. I'm thinking it was more strained than sprained.

No streak means rest ankle tomorrow and get back on the road on Monday.

Oh. And in other news - I reached ONE WHOLE YEAR maintaining my weight loss of 90+ pounds! No flash in the pants here. No losing all that weight only to gain it back… Hell no, I'm no statistic. I'm keeping it off this time for good!



PS: Loving all the comments on the blog lately - keep 'em coming I so appreciate it and thank you!

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