Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sing in the rain or face the dreadmill? Such decisions

Even dorky me promises to leave the umbrella at home
OK, I've always been super lame about cold weather, rain and snow. I'm not a fan of the elements. Living in Southern California for the brief time I was there, suited me just fine. But, I've been back in Jersey for the last few years and now I'm a runner. And I'm a runner who is training for a marathon dammit.

I have decisions to make.

With winter on its way, I have already decided that I'm going to try to run outside as much as possible and try not to bitch, moan and cry like a baby truly embrace the experience.  Now that I've become accustomed to running outside, the thought of going on a treadmill sucks is just not tempting me. When I first started running, I'd say about 99% of my running was on the treadmill. I didn't run outside at all last year until the temp climbed above 60 - and then, when the temp turned hot - I took it back to the treadmill.

It was OK back then. I wasn't running that fast or long - "long runs" were 4 or 5 miles (sure they eventually built to 10 for long run day, but I only had to do 8 once and 10 once for 1/2 training) it wasn't that big a deal.

But now, the thought of doing 10 miles (2 hours) on a treadmill is giving me hives.

I've already begun to stock up on cold weather gear and have asked Santa for stuff like Under Armour for Christmas. (Really? I used to ask Santa for Gucci or a great new perfume... now I'm asking for Under Armour... yep. It's on the list right next to compression socks and sports bra. Yee haaaaa, how things change...)

Sorry for the digression.  Anyhoo...

Tomorrow I've gotta do six. It's supposed to pour.

Do I literally 'test' the waters and run in the cold rain or do I suck it up and visit my good ol' friends at the gym? I have kind of a crappy wind breaker and a nylon hat. I don't know. What does one even run in outside in the rain? Do I need special gear? Will my sneakers get ruined? My Nike + get waterlogged, my i-Pod explode (or die painlessly?) Inquiring minds...

Real runners run in rain... (I think, in any case say that ten times fast... ;)  What do you think?

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