Monday, November 22, 2010

Before & After Part 2 The Emotional

Jersey Shore half 2010
The post before this, I showed some of my physical transformation and while I still have some ways to go, I'm getting close to goal.

But more exciting than the physical transformation has been the emotional & mental "before and after" that I didn't expect to gain from running:

I can't run, I'm not athletic, running sucks.
I can run, I am strong, running doesn't suck that bad and sometimes I even like it.

I'll never lose weight, I have no follow thru.
I can commit to training, to believing in myself and had a whole winter of going from not being able to run for 13 seconds to running for 13 miles last May. I'm even capable of losing weight. There's nothing I can't do if I'm willing to work for it and take the steps to get there.

I have to accept things the way they are even if I'm unhappy.
I have the power to change things I don't like, I just have to give up excuses and find solutions. (Even if it's snowing out I can run around my kitchen table 2000 times and get my run in -- no that's not awesome but there's always a way.)

I have soooo much stress, life sucks, I have to drink or overeat to deal.
I have some stress but life is great - I just need to run it out and, think and regroup.

I felt like a loser through much of my life, often looking for the negative
I look for the positive - I'm a winner :)

Running has given me so many life tools - coping skills, confidence, goal setting ability, friends and health- I had no idea it would give me such a great "after" life.

What about you? What's your before and after story?



Jason said...

Absolutely love it. This is a great message to all those 'I CAN'TERS' out there.

You can and will be successful.

Thrilled to have found you and your blog.

Keep beinmg an inspiration and smiling through it all.

JenniferLeah said...

awesomeness Jen! It is so important to address the inside as well :)
for this part of your post:
(Even if it's snowing out I can run around my kitchen table 2000 times and get my run in -- no that's not awesome but there's always a way.)

running in the snow is AMAZING. Some of my most enjoyable runs have been during snow storms. There is a quiet still to the earth that is just "ahhhhh". You are strong and you are a winner!
*and yeah, not enough room here for me to address MY before/after stuff LOL!!

Jen said...

Thank you Jason, I I feel the same about you -

Jen- I've never tried to run in the snow, it honestly never occurred to me, I always assumed it would be to slippery and I'd break my arse out there. lol. I might give it a shot tho, better than the long run around the kitchen table / on the dreadmill!!

Jon said...

Great post! The thinking negative to positive thing is what separates folks from "not going places" to "going places"

Congrats on your achievements!

Jen said...

Thanks Jon! Appreciate the comment and you swinging by :)