Thursday, November 11, 2010

Running wish list

Well, whomever said running was a cheap sport, clearly never really trained for a marathon. I mean, yes, technically you can run with just your feet but in order to run safely, comfortably and correctly, running takes investment.

Even the race fees themselves quickly adds up. My hubby likes to say, "why pay someone to let you run 13 miles or even 26 - just map out the miles and run it." Clearly, he's not a runner and doesn't understand the thrill of race day :)

Some stuff is luxury I suppose and some stuff I'm still doing without rather than take the financial plunge (money is too tight.) But these are the things on my wish list, now that I'm training for a full I want this stuff at some point - if you know of any good deals on any of it out there, let me know.


Hydration belt - jeeeze, went to Road Runner today and the cheapest ones were $40! For now, I just picked up a little water bottle and will stick it in my pocket for long run day - but a belt will be nice someday. Found one on ebay that I'm bidding on - maybe I'll win it!

Gels / Gu - will eventually start buying these race day/long run necessities in bulk vs. the one or two at a time I do right now - which also requires a special trip to Road Runner.

Compression socks - keep hearing great things about these but the ones I've seen run around $60! My wedding shoes didn't cost that much! They are socks. I'm dying to try them because my calves tend to hurt during long runs but $60! That's an entire week of groceries for my household...

New Sports Bras - I've only found one I really like and I have to wash it a million times a week. It's a NIKE one and another $40 investment that I can't afford to make right now.

New running pants - I have one pair of running pants I like. The rest are too big (yay!) but I need one more pair - I just can't drop at least another $25 on sweats at this time - (I mean the really fancy running pants from Nike, etc go for up to $70 - I'd have to win the lottery.)

Winter gear - Going to have to bite the bullet and buy a winter running hat, gloves, and whatever else I might need fairly soon.

Nike + Sports kit - after all the damn drama of getting my wrist band, I now want to upgrade to the one for the iPod. I think I can get my hands on the right iPod, but I still have to drop $30 for the sports kit and make my wrist band (that I paid $57 for) pretty useless... ugh. Not to mention, I'll have to get one of those armband things for my iPod and that'll be another couple of bucks.

Sports Sunglasses - I know my Jackie-O type glasses are bulky and annoying to run in. I need to just get a light, sleek pair of shades to keep my eyes protected.

Road Runner ID bracelet - I used to run around without my ID - just grabbed my iPod and went. This is a bad idea. While no one wants the unthinkable to happen, you should be prepared in case of emergency. Right now I'll run with my drivers license but I really would like to get one of these things one of these days, especially now that I'm going to be having some really long runs.

iTunes gift card - definitely asking for this for Christmas - can never have enough music!

I think this about rounds up my wish list for now - though I'm probably missing a few things.

What's on your running wish list? What should I add to mine?



Lesley @ said...

I love love love my handheld Nathan waterbottle as opposed to the hydration belt... and it's cheaper. ;-)

My advice, though, save up and get the good stuff you want. The $55 Nike pants (that's how much mine cost) will last you longer. Plus you want that moisture-wicking fabric. Buy less and save up for quality stuff, otherwise you're just wasting your money. On my list is compression sleeves (not the full socks) and better socks.

Jen said...

Compression sleeves? I have to check out what that is! Yep, the Nike pants are pricey but they really do look awesome. I'll save, beg for gift certificates for Christmas and scour the internet for coupons!

Jen said...

PS - you really like the handheld water bottle? You don't find it cumbersome on long runs?

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

re wishes numbers 1 to 3: There will be a giveaway for those on my blog soon. I REALLY REALLY hope you win Jen!

Jen said...

Thanks Julie -- I really want to win one of those cute Bondi Bands you've got up there right now! I might have to add one of those to my wish - they are super cute!

I'm already a winner - I've got my health, I've got friends and I've got 26.2 miles to look forward to! :)

Lesley @ said...

The sleeves are the same as the socks, they just only go on the calves and not the feet. I prefer a more cushioned sock. You can use BLOG15 at to get 15% off on CEP socks or sleeves... helps a little. The sleeves are also cheaper... I think around $30 after the discount.

Yes, I love my handheld and I thought I would hate it too... but when it came down to it, I wasn't wanting to put any extra weight on my hips... so I tried it and ended up liking it... because of the way it attaches to your hand, you really aren't thinking about it at all.

Jason said...


I have one pair right now and love them, but I want more. Living in Texas you don't run into the cold that you do in the northeast so the sleeves are perfect to wear with a tank top or t-shirt.

I need more....where are those giveaways anyway?

Jen said...

I need to get some sleeves! I meant to add those to my wish list :)

Thanks for the codes, Leslie - I'm going to check it out for sure!! I'm also going to try to "treat" myself" to something on my list ever week. Maybe this week, I'll order the socks.

Abbey said...

Here's a "not" bottle that you have to hold but once it's empty you can fold it up and put it in a pocket (which you'll have for sure in winter!)

Lesley @ said...

Jen - Check my latest blog post! ;-)

Jen said...

Sweet Ang! OK Lesley!

Izzy said...

Check out some free cycling websites, classifieds? Perhaps you might also score some clothes at a second hand store? I know we have some "upmarket" stores which tend to stock more name brands and such and you can still get a great deal for $5 - $10.

Jen said...

Thanks, Izzy - great ideas!!

sk said...

Next time you are in LA ross is great for cheap nike, addidas etc gear. Also lohehmans sometimes has decent gear. I'm curious to try the compreSsion sleeves. Can I wear em to work? My calves always ache.

On my list is a new heart monitor watch. Ace chewed the last one...

Jen said...

thanks, Sara - I'll keep an eye on lohemans - sometimes there's good coupons for them as well! ;) And I'll swing by Ross on my next LA trip (I do miss Ross!) OH no, Ace!

I bet the compression sleeves would be awesome for your achey calves, it's exactly what they are for. Check out Lesley's website - she's doing a giveaway right now and you can win a pair!