Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Running cold

I'm not sure I'm quite this motivated but...
So after 5 1/2 excruciating weeks of waiting, finally, at long last, my NIKE+ arrived in the mail on Monday night. I was so excited I could barely wait to use it. I read the directions and spoke to a few NIKE+ friends and was told I'd have to calibrate the thing at a running track outside. (It doesn't calibrate properly on a treadmill.)  OK. No problem, I picked out my favorite running outfit and laid it out for the morning.

Morning came, I jumped out of bed, put on the coffee and threw on the news - let's get ready to run!

And then, floating in from another room, the ominous voice of Al Roker, "here's what's happening in your neck of the woods... 'Thank you Al, currently, it's a chilly 37 degrees..."

WHAT!? 37 degrees? And then I peeked at my car and it was covered in FROST!

I don't dig cold. Not at all. In fact I'm always in a fight with my husband about what temperature to keep the house and I overdo blankets on the bed. Cold sucks in my opinion.

But, suck as it might - I was dying to use my new toy so I dressed the best I could and headed to the track. At first, I was freezing, my breath was visible and my hands were ice but soon, I started to feel good. Then really good.

I got nice and warmed up and by the time I was ready to wrap it up, I was sweating. I enjoyed it so much yesterday, that I did it again today.

I found running in the cold to be actually quite awesome. It's a million times better than running when it's too hot out. I felt comfortable and refreshed the whole time I ran and not until I got back into my house and the sweat started to pour, did I realize how hard I had been pushing.

On another note - I'm still working out kinks with the NIKE+ it's giving me some growing pains I hope to remedy. One of which is that I think it's judging my pace too fast. I'm pretty slow. I'm trying to get faster. I would assume my pace is around 11:30 - 12:00 regularly.  This thing is telling me I'm running a 9:32 pace! I find that nearly impossible - though would be nice :) I am going to call the good people at NIKE and find out what I'm doing wrong...



Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

I think I run better in the cold and I love it. Only coz I came from a tropical country haha!

It's so warm here in Cali today. It's like summer all over again =(

Stay warm girl =)

Lesley @ said...

I hate the cold, but after a Texas summer of running, I'll take anything... well anything other than cold, wet, AND windy...

Christina said...

I love running in the cold, too! I just started running in May, and I'm super surpised by how awesome the cold feels!

Is a Nike+ similar to a Garmin? Enjoy your new toy!! I hope you've just gotten faster and that the Nike is fine. :)

Jen said...

Thanks for the comments!

I was shocked how much I've been liking the crisper temps - I don't think I'll be so enthralled with snow or ice but the cold has been cool :)

I'm not sure if the NIKE+ is like the Garmin or not - it's a sensor/chip thing that records your data (distance/pace/time) and then you can up load it to the Nike+ community. You can register for challenges - like I'm registered for a 40 miles in 40 days challenge - and you can compete with / train with people from around the world. There's forums / cute graphs and stuff. It's fun if you like that kind of thing.

Abbey said...

You should probably go to a school that has a 400 yd track to calibrate. You've got a short stride like I do so it overestimates how far you run.

I'm going to pull out my Nike+ and we can do the same challenges! :-D