Tuesday, November 9, 2010

26.2 miles... 194 days of training to go... Yep. It's on

So yesterday's blog about running a full marathon really started as a musing. Prior to sitting down and writing it, I had no plan of actually seriously running a full but I guess that's the thing about writing for me. It makes me really get in tune with my feelings and by the time I was done writing yesterday's entry, it was clear.

Like it or not, 26.2 miles is in my future.

I'm terrified, I'm already grumbling about the gigantic chunks of time the long run days steal away from me (hello - 8 miles on Saturday already!? WTF? Thought I would "ease" into it a bit more than that) but whatever. I could put it off forever, let life get in the way or make the time for it. So here we are. Can only do the best I can.

I'm leaning towards running the San Diego Rock N Roll marathon on June 5th. First of all, San Diego is beautiful, secondly, the weather is perfect that time of year, thirdly, it's the perfect amount of time for training (28 week program - brings me to May 21st - so a week or two of pad) and fourthly - I like running something with the words "Rock N Roll" in there... I mean, it's already making me happy. The only downside is my friend is sour on the Rock N Roll series, as they are $$$, inflexible and a little screwed up when it comes to packet pickup (no race day pick up.) But, it might make the most sense for me. There's one non rock n roll marathon in Minnesota the last week of May, but that just doesn't seem as groovy and San Diego.

So yesterday was my official day one of training, which was a 3 mile run. Today was day two and a 2 mile run - tomorrow I'll run 4 miles and Saturday 8...

And we're off!

So, who's in? There's a half and a full on June 5th - would love to see you there!!

I am hoping to fill one of these bad boys up someday:

How cute is it? It's to hold your medals! My friend Leslie, is raffling one of them away for free! Learn more at her blog for your chance to win or the link to buy one, there's a ton of cute styles.  :)

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