Thursday, January 12, 2012

California Dreamin' - Racing on the west coast

Signing up for races is addictive!

I made a decision to spend a few days in LA to convene with my Cali business partners, get some meetings done and yadda, yadda, ya so I figured I'd do that in conjunction with a race.

My business partner, Angela, who was the one who introduced me to running to begin with runs Surf City ever year. She kept inviting me to run it with her and I was hemming and hawing… I mean it's Super Bowl Sunday and as a big football fan, I had to take that into consideration! Well with my crappy team safely out of any chance to make the big game, I had nothing standing in my way.

me and Ang after Jersey Shore half 2010
Yesterday, I decided to make the commitment to run Surf City on February 5th - it's supposed to be a beautiful run along the ocean - and it's flat and fast (with typically ideal weather) so I hope to use this one to PR.  I'm so excited.  And I'm very excited to run with Angela again. She ran my very first half with me in Jersey. She was waaaay faster than me but she paced me the whole time and made my first experience awesome.

Then, today I decided to pull the trigger and sign up for The Hollywood Half.  I mean, that race just has my name all over it.

The race is on April 7th. It starts at Universal Studios and you run parts of Hollywood Blvd and Sunset and look at how cute the bling is:

Hoooray for Hollywood!
So my first two races will both be on the West Coast - which is cool because I can always justify the trips there with work related stuff in addition to the fun of the run! Plus a trip in February and another in April breaks up the winter very nicely.

I'm also planning on running the New Jersey half marathon in Long Branch again. In fact, my hubby says he's gonna run it too! (Woo!) He just started running again and training. That would be awesome.

I've decided not to run a full this spring though, I'm loosely following a marathon training program. I've been doing the weekday 'assigned' runs and then slightly modifying the long runs (like 8 miles instead of 10 and 10 miles instead of 13) but still overall increasing my weekly mileage.

My grand plan is to continue my lucky/winning streak and get into the NYC marathon in the fall and if for some reason (perish the thought) I don't get in, I'll find an alternate fall race.

Hope you are all doing well!

What races do you have coming up? 

Did you apply to the NYC lottery?


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