Friday, September 21, 2012

I'm featured in Health Magazine! Exciting!

What a great day!

First I ran 10 miles (by myself and while I missed my running buddies - I was so excited to get to double digits again!) and then this.

The October issue is finally here!
I've been checking for this (and even checked this morning) but up 'til now it hadn't hit the shelves…

You might remember I told you about the photo shoot in this post.

I am pretty happy with the story. They left out the first 40 pounds of my weight loss with Weight Watchers and instead chose to focus on the no-diet-diet approach to weight loss. While I did use Weight Watchers as a tool to lose, it really was my official "lifestyle" change to consistently incorporating exercise and eating clean and for health rather than necessarily worry about every calorie and fat gram. My approach to food did change once I began running and one of the things I'm most proud of is my better relationship with food. 

Wow I should always have a hair/wardrobe/makeup team
when I run! :-) 
Thanks for being on this journey with me. Sometimes it's shocking to see how different of a person I've become. I was skeptical and scared back during that first post and never thought that I would one day define myself as a runner.


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