Thursday, September 27, 2012

More stuff I'm loving!

who doesn't love a little George Michael?

OK - I must be in "running appreciation mode" because all week I've been finding stuff to love in my running world.

Obviously, I'm loving my running buddies (and I got to do another 10 miler with them this morning.)

I'm loving coconut water post long runs - it really has made a difference in my recovery and I feel good when I drink it. The flavor of the plain one takes a second to get used to but I found one that is flavored with pineapple puree that's delish.

I'm loving revisiting the 80's on my iPod - recently downloaded a little old school George Michael and who knew "Freedom" was such a fun song to run to?

I'm really loving my local Road Runner's Sports in Paramus. Today, I decided to swing by to pick up a handheld water bottle and a few gels (more about the gels later). While there I thought I would take a chance to return a pair of sneakers that I had already worn AND no longer had a receipt.  A few weeks ago I ordered a pair of sneakers from their website. I figured I would keep them - they were the brand and size I like but in the next generation, so I tossed all the packaging and stuff. Unfortunately, it's been a few runs and they just don't feel right.

Well, 3-4 runs, a few weeks and no receipt later and the store didn't bat an eye in letting me return them. They even let me take my time and try on a bunch of sneakers, even letting me run on one of their treadmills to test them all out. I love that everyone there are runners, in fact a bunch of the salespeople are even doing a Ragnar this weekend.

And. I'm loving my new sneakers… beauties! Brooks Trance 11. Though I'm yet to run in them - so that will be the true test -- and of-course, I can bring them back if they don't work out!

Sooo purdy

Back to the gels. I am also loving these new gels I found - they are called Ignite Naturals. I was immediately drawn to them because they are gluten/dairy/artificial sweetener free and organic. Since I am always having tummy troubles, gels are tough for me. I couldn't wait to give them a shot.

I emailed the company and they sent me a few samples. The first one I tried was a little tart for me (the Raspberry pomegranate flavor) but the other two - blackberry blueberry and wildberry are great. They are a little bigger than the average gel which might bother some but doesn't really matter too much to me. Impressively they really delivered in the energy department and most importantly NO TUMMY TROUBLE. CARTWHEELS!!

I thought I was going to have to order them online but lucky me saw a box of them at Road Runner today, so I bought them.  :-)

sample pack of 3 

I'm also loving Udi's breads. Thank you for making a tasty gluten-free bread. It's pricey but for this soup and sandwich loving gal it's worth every penny. I made a lovely BLT today (made with another fav. turkey bacon from Applegate Farms) and it was sooo yummy.

All in all a good all-things running day.

What are some of your favorite things?


PS: No one has paid me or asked for these reviews -- they are entirely my 'off the cuff' fav. things… though Ignite gels did send me a few samples and if any of the mentioned products feel like sending a few coupons - I wouldn't be mad at you ;-)

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