Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm ready for my closeup: Health Mag shoot, Kentucky and a new challenge

Well, a ton of shit has been happening.

Last week I told you about my hubby and him being in the hospital. He has recovered and is back to work and I was able to go to Kentucky to shoot the pilot sizzle that our little production company got to shoot for a cable outlet.

Kentucky was awesome. We shot around the clock and got a lot of great stuff. I'm pretty sure that we have a show on our hands and my LA partners will be working feverishly to get the footage edited and to the network by Monday of next week. Yippee! I'm feeling pretty optimistic that finally our company will be on the map. We've been paying dues for a few years and it's our time.

The show is a family business reality/design show based on Rocky Top Log Furniture and Railing company. They are an awesome family that creates beautiful, hand crafted furniture and build log homes.
behind the scenes of shoot

Unfortunately, while in Kentucky I got ZERO runs in. I couldn't wait to hit the road when I got back, it was only like 4 days but it felt like a million and I was "itchy" to run. We did haul a lot of crap around and hustled. We also ate tremendously healthy so it wasn't a complete disaster.

We also have a few key calls coming up for the "From Fat To Finish Line" film so I'll keep you posted on that front as well.

We are moving and shaking.

And speaking of moving and shaking, I had a fancy NYC photo shoot today! I was contacted by Health Magazine to share my weight loss story and today I went for the photos.

So. Much. Fun.
photog, me and health mag senior photo editor 

Had my makeup and hair done and then they handed me a few wardrobe options. Well. the outfit I wound up wearing was a size small! In fact the jacket was an XS and it even zipped! I was so excited that I took a picture of the tag. haha… I mean in reality I'm a medium on a good day and I usually (much to the chagrin of my friends) tend to lean towards grabbing larges. I had to get over feeling self-conscious about the outfit being so fitted and then we were off!

Headed out with Tara the Senior photo editor, the photographer Alexa and her assistant Eric. They were so nice and it was a great experience. We went to Battery Park where they took action shots of me running, stretching, tying my sneakers and that type of thing. In a few shots I wore my NJ half marathon medal and most of them I was sporting a race bib. I can't wait to see how they came out!! It was so fun. I believe I'll be in the October issue - keep you posted.


Back to Kentucky for a minute.  While there, I met one of the guys who'll be a part of the show I'm developing. His name is David. David kept talking about how he was ready to get rolling on a healthier lifestyle and I jumped on it! I'll be mentoring/coaching/giving advice and cheering him on for the next 11 months… We've agreed to run the "Hatfield/McCoy" half marathon together next June! I'm so excited to be taking this journey with him. Angela, who helped mentor me for my first half will be joining us too!  I found a 5K for him to sign up for in October too so that's his first mini-goal.

Dave and I - Dave's official "before" he was a runner pic


Hope all is well with you!


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