Sunday, September 2, 2012

From Fat To Finish Line - the film - Update

From Fat The Finish Line the documentary is cooking!

We've met and filmed Katie, Rik, Jen S, Meredith, Ada, John, Linda and Mary.  With only a few more interviews to go - Andrea, Lealah, Allison and me.

The film is going to be awesome. It has laughter, tears, words of wisdom. The people in this thing really have enough motivation, personal stories, advice and inspiration to make change out there. We are so proud and lucky to be working on something that could potentially get others to figure out their own fitness goals.

However, like any marathon or race. We need support stations. We can't do it on our own

I'm sorry to get down on my hands and knees and grovel bother you with this again but we really need help right now. We are down to only 11 days in our fundraising left and we are only 13% funded.

You see, this Kickstarter fundraising is an ALL OR NOTHING thing. Meaning that it's very encouraging that 126 of you have supported us to get 13% of the way but if we don't reach our big goal of $50,000 we don't get one penny. :(


We've traveled 6 states so far and have spent days and days away from home documenting these amazing stories. We are in the middle of making this great movie but if we don't get a wee bit of funding getting to the finish line will be difficult…

How can you help?

Well, in a bunch of ways.

First you can go here and make a pledge.

Can't make a pledge? No problem.

If you could tweet, email friends, Facebook share or send to a rich relative (joking - kind of) this link - that would be helpful. You never know who might be inspired to help

If you're a bloggy friend of mine, pls. consider a blog post - we'll be sure to shout out your support thru all of our social media! We can provide you with details on some of the amazing stories that are featured in the film to write about.

If you own a company - consider sponsoring us. We have great marketing packages available (starting at practically nothing going on up to title levels.) and would be thrilled to team up with you for branding opportunities. Contact me here for further information.

Finally, if you know how to raise money and we are missing something - tell me! I'm a story teller, mom, runner and blogger -- this financing part of things is (clearly) not my specialty ;-)

So thank you again. I'm super freakin' appreciative of every one who has donated, tweeted, FB shared or even just dropped a note saying "looking forward to this project." It all counts to me and the team.



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