Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life is good - 6 miles lots of smiles

I'm in the yellow on rt. This was from Hollywood 
Half marathon I felt as happy as I look in that pic
Today I had one of those runs that if you could just bottle it up and capture it - you'd run every day happy.

The weather was perfect and it just felt good to be out there.

During my run I thought about a lot of things - I thought about 9/11 and my high school classmate, Chris Amoroso, who was a Port Authority police officer. He ran into the towers multiple times to save others but ultimately gave his own life trying to help others. While it was emotional to think of, it also reminded me of how blessed I am and it made me feel proud to have known such a hero.

I thought about the fact that I'm so lucky that I get to run. That I'm healthy, my legs work, my heart beats. That the day was so beautiful and that I am blessed with the love of friends and family.

I thought about my little documentary film that is struggling to raise the financing it needs but knowing that with every cell in my body that it's going to get made somehow because there are 12 teammates who have been brought together for a reason. And I believe that reason is to inspire others to  do what they think they can't.

I also thought about some upcoming races - I just signed up for the Long Beach, CA half marathon, so I'll be heading back West to run along the Pacific Ocean and I'll be running the other side of the country and along the Atlantic Ocean during my Atlantic City half.

Somedays, for no reason at all, you just appreciate being alive and this is one of those days.


PS: As of right now there are 55 hours left in our From Fat To Finish Line film fundraising campaign. We are desperately working to get there but it's looking bleak. If you can pledge a little something we'd appreciate it. If we don't get to goal, you never get charged. http://kck.st/MGYi3i

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