Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thinking of trying a triathlon

I am back from Maine and I just have to say, what an incredible trip. It was awesome to finally meet Jen and Jason in person and even more awesome to be able to root them across the finish line of their half distant (70.3) REV3 triathlons.

While in Maine we made other new friends too. Marc from Jen's Tri group, Dawn - Jen's bff, Scott and his wife Christine (other tri folk friends of Jen's) and Matty O. and his wife Heather. It was pretty great.

jason, jen s and marc
Here is what I loved about the REV3 race (from a spectator's perspective). The staff seemed warm and cheerful - everywhere I went, I saw smiling faces and people genuinely enjoying their jobs. I liked the family atmosphere that was created - athletes could choose to cross the finish line with their kids. I also liked that everyone gets a free finish line photo.

But the best part? The absolute awesomeness that occurs for the last few racers. The REV3 team, volunteers and remaining spectators line the finish corral shoot to welcome in the last runner. It was so special. The DJ blasts "Sometimes I get a Good Feeling" and everyone becomes exuberant with anticipation; clapping, dancing, hooting and rooting as that finisher rounds the corner. It's really special.

You're talking someone who's been out there for 8 hours or so. Most spectators and racers are long gone, but this last person is someone who has never given up, not thru the swim, bike or run. Someone who made a deal with herself to finish no matter what. I get choked up just thinking about it. So this person comes in to everyone cheering, high-fiving her and her name being announced like she just won the Boston Marathon. It was amazing.

cheering on the last racer she's right ahead of the multisport ministries dude
I'm in purple on the left Jen S and Matty O are next to me
photo credit: REV3

So now, of course, I want to do a tri. Now this isn't as impulsive as it seems. I've been fascinated with triathlon for quite sometime but has let the logistics of not having a bike or pool stand in my way.

I have simply decided that I will overcome those obstacles. My Mom In Motion coach, Dana might just be able to lend me a tribike to train on and use thru my first sprint (my first sprint would be spring 2013) and there is a gym within 15 miles that does have a pool (I'd have to join it - not ideal and more expensive but I could make that happen.)

And Ang. who got me on the running path keeps talking about training and how fun it would be to come back next year, and...

I'm throwing it down. I'm putting it in the universe. I will run my first sprint this spring and my first Olympic distance next August. In Maine REV3. Oh yes I will.

PS: On my run today, I wore a Quassy REV3 visor that I bought at the EXPO and fantasized all about my swim/bike/run future during the whole 6 miles. The visor and vibe made me feel already like a tri person and I could SWEAR that the hard core bikers in my park nodded their respect at my visor. (Yeah, I'm sure I'm projecting that - but whatever.)

after my run in my REV3 hat and feeling
very triathlete-ish

Have you ever done a tri? what kind of advice would you give a newbie? What's your big "scary" next goal you want to go for?


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