Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rising to the occasion - Running in Maine, film stuff and Rise Bar Giveaway!

I'm in Maine!!

We are continuing our country-wide journey in shooting our Ragnar Relay team members and this weekend lands us in beautiful Maine to film the beautiful Jen from Mile, Muscles and Mommyhood. She's running the REV-3 Tri this Sunday and we are here for the ride. It's absolutely beautiful here and we couldn't be more excited. To make things even more awesome (if that is possible) one of my favorite bloggers in the whole-wide-world and one of my biggest inspirations, Jason from Cook, Train, Eat, Race is here too! Soooo totally awesome.

Mark - Jason - Jen R - Jen S - Lola

This morning was fun because I even got to run with Jason and Jen's friend Mark who is running his first half tomorrow. They were doing a little pre-race day shake so I went along with.  Too cool.

I am really looking forward to the race tomorrow and will update you on the race in a few days…

In other news -- we've got a cool giveaway!!

Being gluten free (and dairy free, almond free and artificial-sweetner free) is challenging. It's not always easy to find tasty portable snacks.

Angela, one of my bff's and biz partner on From Fat To Finish Line the film happened upon Rise Bars at the OC marathon expo a few months back. She decided to pick up a few varieties and instantly fell in love.

Recently, when we were on location in NYC shooting Linda's interview and story for the film, I was lamenting about being hungry and needing a little pre-running in Central Park snack. So Angela gave me the Pumpkin seed one, called Crunchy Perfect Pumpkin. Yum. Yum.

Since we are trying to raise awareness for our doc film, Ang thought she'd ask her (and my) new favorite snack bar for a sampler pack to giveaway - and they agreed!

So if you want to check out a sampler 12 pack of Rise Bars - click here to enter the giveaway.  There are tons of great bars and flavors.


And one more thing… THANK YOU, THANK YOU for those of you who've donated to the Fat To Finish Line Kickstarter campaign. I hate asking for money. I really, really do -- but I'm on my hands and knees begging, begging you - if you can possibly help support the film in any way it would be HUGELY appreciated. We are woefully under-funded - my and my partner's credit card is busting at the seems and we are mile 14 of this marathon - a long way to go but never giving up. So please - your pledge will help make this inspirational film come to life and will buy you cool stuff like a DVD of the film, special bling, even training with some team members. Thank you again for your support.

Hope you are having a great weekend. All this tri stuff has me seriously wanting to do one… Have you ever done a tri?

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