Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mourning the loss of a Mom in Motion: Heather Boyum

Heather Boyum and her children
So this blog post is long overdue but I've been paralyzed to write it for some reason.

Another tragedy has occurred in the running and fitness world.

As you may know I belong to a running group called Moms In Motion. It's a wonderful running group for moms of all running levels - from beginner to seasoned runner. There are also training programs for triathlons.

On Sunday July, 29 Heather Boyum, who trains with the Rochester, NY MIM's group was killed at 7 AM when she was out training on her bike (she competes in tri's) and hit by a reckless, drunk driving duo. A recently released from jail (he had served time for DWI) dirtbag was popping wheelies on his motorcycle while his dirtbag girlfriend, Megan Merkel, was following in her car. The dirtbag on the motorcycle hit Boyum and then Megan ran her over with her car. You can read the details here.

What made it even worse is that Megan Merkel went on a FB rant the next day, blaming the victim and telling haters to "suck a d!ck and choke on it.".

Really, Megan. You KILLED someone. How dare you. How f'ing dare you.

I felt so many emotions from this case. First and still heartbreak for Heather and her family. She was a popular teacher, a wife and a mom to small kids. All of these people are heartbroken. I'm heartbroken for them and I never knew her…

And then Megan's action brought out a rage that I don't experience often. If that person was in front of me I might have lost my shit and I don't lose my shit. I don't yell, I don't like confrontation, I'm not a fighter but I swear, when I read what this piece of crap woman did to another human being and then read her evil response - I wanted to rip her face off.

It's just too much. With the recent losses of Sherry Arnold and Sarah Hart and now Heather Boyum - it's just too much. Three moms pursuing health. Out for a run or a ride, doing what we do to keep fit, fight stress and be better moms - needlessly snatched away because of dirtbags. Megan's response was the icing on the cake and puts a real face of evil to these needless deaths.

It enrages me that someone like Merkel can hop on her computer, without a scratch and Facebook away to her hearts content while a mother is dead and a family's life changed forever. Her children are left motherless. A huge hole that will forever be with them. I know life isn't fair but it's a tough pill to swallow.

I have been thinking of Heather a lot. I don't want to get paranoid about running and I don't want to dishonor these women by carrying all this hate and anger around - I'm working on it.

This tribute to Heather helped but you might need tissues…

If you want to help support Heather's family you can donate here.

Keep safe.


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