Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Suck it cheerleaders

Somedays you just have that "ah" moment. Not an "ah-ha" moment but an "ah" moment.

Today I had one of those.

I was running around my 'hood for a 3 mile run. Despite a slight hangover and despite sitting in a smokey cigar bar last night with hangover-inducing cocktail - I was cooking.

And then up ahead about a quarter of a mile, I saw them.

A group of 15 and 16 year old cheerleaders doing some kind of jogging and looking beat.

It. was. on.

I (surprising myself) not only caught up but cooked right past them. Even the two "fast" ones up a head. I imagined they were the cheerleaders i so wanted to be a part of but shunned me as a chubby pre-teen.

That chubby teen in me was gleefully cheering today though! I even slowed down so those huffing and puffing teens could kinda catch up and then smoked them again!

Nothing against cheerleaders - and I'm sure they were lovely girls but it really felt satisfying. The 12 year old me was definitely cartwheeling (I could never cartwheel or do a split -- was so upsetting at the time…) and giggling past.



40 and fabulous indeed.

Have you ever had an 'ah' moment like that? Another ah moment for me was showing up at a HS reunion feeling confident and successful… while some of my classmates (including the meanest and most popular) hadn't fared so well. Ooops.


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